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Prayer Support

Moore College knows the importance and imperative of prayer to God’s work at the college. The College has a number of ongoing ways by which prayer and praise points are circulated for prayer supporters to use for their individual or group prayers.

A Quarterly Prayer Bulletin publication is produced which you can receive by email or mail (Contact Us to be added to the mailing list).

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Financial Support

There are many ways in which you can help support Moore financially.


All gifts to Moore College over $2 are tax deductible.  Simply visit our donate page to donate online or contact us for donation inquiries

Fundraise for us

If you would like to organise a fundraiser for Moore College at your local church, we would love to hear from you. We also encourage community peer-to-peer fundraising and have had supporters do City2Surf and other community activities sponsored by their networks to raise money for Moore College.



Making a Bequest to Moore

The College very much appreciates your thoughtfulness in including us in your will. Your partnership in this ministry will help many prepare for ministry and extend the Lord’s Kingdom in the years to come.

If you would like to register with the College in making your bequest please contact the Head of Foundation Trevor Cairney on +61 2 9577 9900,

The suggested wording for bequests follows. Note that these words may be varied and made more specific depending on the wishes of the donor.

I give *either the sum of …………………. (words or figures for a $ amount), or ………………………. (words or figures for a %) percentage of my estate, to Moore Theological College Council for the general purposes (or specific purpose) of the college, and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer of the College Council shall be a full and sufficient discharge to the executor.

*if the gift is of shares or real property or art work then sufficient words to identify same should be substituted.

For any further information on how you can support financially please contact the Trevor Cairney at the College on +61 2 9577 9900 or email

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