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Video & mp3 from our June 4 seminar 'The Bible's attitude to rape' (focus just on the Old Testament)

George Athas

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Video & mp3 from our September 17 seminar 'Complementarian ministry teams: a personal testimony'

Jonathan Fletcher

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Video & mp3 from our October 8 seminar 'Eve: Mother of All The Living' 

Peter Jensen 

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Registration is now closed for our 2015 conference.If you would still like to come, please email Jane Tooher, jane.tooher@moore.edu.au


FEB 02


Priscilla & Aquila Centre annual conference 2015: BUILDING THE CHURCH AS MEN & WOMEN (1 Corinthians 11 & 14)

This conference will focus on issues of preaching, teaching, & prophecy. We will also have 2 electives on women and church planting and a mix of other electives and you can see details of the electives below. 

Our main speaker will be Danny Rurlander who will give two talks on 1 Corinthians 11 & 14.  HERE

Speaker: Main speaker - Danny Rurlander
Danny grew up in the north of England and came to Sydney to train at Moore College. After college he returned to the UK and is now the Senior Pastor of Moorlands Evangelical Church, Lancaster, a church he and a small team "re-started" from near closure in 2005 (http://moorlands.org.uk). He also teaches doctrine on the North West Ministry Training Course in Leyland. He is married to Emma and they have four children. 

When:  9am – 4.45pm

Where: Moore College Knox Lecture Theatre 15 King Street, NEWTOWN NSW 2042

Registration: Registration is now closed. Pre-registration is necessary. Please email Jane Tooher if you are interested in attending, jane.tooher@moore.edu.au 

Afternoon electives - Session 1 (choose one):

Peter O'Brien

1. Prophecy

Peter O'Brien

Description: This elective will look at what prophecy is in the New Testament - who can do it and under what circumstances, and how it is different from teaching and preaching. It will not be looking at prophecy in the Old Testament.

Style: Academic lecture with time for questions. 

About Peter: Peter is an Emeritus Faculty member of Moore where he was previously vice-principal and lectured mainly in New Testament. He is the author of a number of books including commentaries on Colossians, Philemon, Philippians, Ephesians, and Hebrews. Earlier in his ministry he was on the faculty of Union Seminary in Yavatmal, India. 

Arthur & Anabelle Copeman

Cathy Young with her family

2. The role of team ministry in church planting, with special reference to women's roles in the team

Arthur & Anabelle Copeman and Cathy Young

Description: This elective will look at a church plant within a denominational structure - focusing mainly on the history of ANeW Church plant (Anglican) in Newcastle. We will especially talk about the roles that women have played in the church planting team. 

Style: Popular level with time for questions. 

About Arthur & Anabelle: Arthur attended Moore College in the 1980's. Since then Arthur and Anabelle have ministered across the Anglican diocese of Newcastle. They moved into Newcastle in 2011 to establish ANeW church, a church plant. Arthur is also the Archdeacon for Ministry Support in the diocese of Newcastle. Anabelle works as a Ministry Assistant at ANeW. They have 3 adult children. 

About Cathy: Cathy Young is married to Jamie and they have two young boys. She works part-time for ANeW and New Lambton church. She has previously worked in student ministry in Wollongong, and parish ministry in Sydney and Canberra.  

Lisa Thompson

Bruce Morrison

3. Working well as a ministry team when there is gender imbalance

Bruce Morrison, Lisa Thompson, David Yung, Tom Harricks, Paul Webb

Description: St John's Anglican Cathedral, Parramatta, is multi-lingual with congregations speaking Cantonese, Mandarin, Farsi, and English as well as a monthly Gujarat meeting. English congregations range from Youth to Traditional 8am and include people from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. In this context Bruce, Paul, David, and Lisa work together with a high degree of trust and co-operation as a team covering the English language side of the ministry. Tom was associate minister at Parramatta but has recently become rector of Penrith. We'll be talking about how Lisa works with the men on the staff team, mixed teams, gender imbalance and assigning roles, particuarly roles for women in the team context. 

Style: Popular level with time for questions. 

Richard Chin

Kathryn Thompson

Jane Lister

4. The role women can have in teaching children about God

Richard Chin, Kathryn Thompson, & Jane Lister

Description: 3 personal testimonies about teaching children about God (your own children and the role other people can have in teaching your children).

Style: Popular level with time for questions. 

About Richard: Richard fathers 4 growing children and serves as the AFES National Director. His wife Bronwyn now enjoys paradise with Jesus after passing away with pancreatic cancer on Easter Sunday 2013. In this elective he will share his reflections of Bronwyn's role in raising their children through her suffering, and the influence other women have had in their lives both before and after Bronwyn went home to heaven. 

About Kathryn: Kathryn is married to Mark who serves as the principal of Moore College. They have 4 school age girls. 

About Jane: Jane is a former high school English teacher who now works as an AFES Senior Staffworker in Jesus' mission, alongside her husband Steve at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. Jane thinks it's incredible how God's grace changes everything about living the Christian life, including parenting her two small children. Having first trusted in Jesus at the age of 5, she is so grateful that God continues to use parents to reveal himself to children. Jane will share her parenting journey so far and the lessons learned about giving her kids grace from Jesus.  

Afternoon electives - Session 2 (choose one):

Lionel Windsor

1. Preaching & congregational leadership

Lionel Windsor

Description: Among the important issues and questions that have been raised during recent debates about women and preaching, one that has received perhaps too little attention is this: What exactly is this thing we call a 'sermon' or 'preaching'? There has been a recent trend to separate the activity of preaching from this task of congregational leadership in both theory and practice. In this elective, we will explore the biblical foundations and historical understanding of preaching. We will see that preaching and congregational leadership are intimately connected to one another. Therefore preaching shouldn't ever be separated from questions of relationship, gender and authority. 

Style: Academic lecture with time for questions. 

About Lionel: Lionel is Assistant Minister at St Augustine's Anglican church, Neutral Bay in Sydney, and he lectures part-time at Moore College. He will join the faculty full-time in 2015. 

Emma Rurlander

2. Being a church planter's wife

Emma Rurlander

Description: Emma will share what she has learnt as a woman, wife, and mother in beginning a new church in the North of England. 

Style: Popular level with time for questions. 

About Emma: Emma spends most of her time being a helper to her husband Danny, and mum to their four children (ages 16, 14, 12, 10). As well as training her own children, she also loves pastoring female student leaders in the church family and meeting with women one-to-one. She teaches five and six year olds part time, and to relax enjoys running (slowly) with her daughters, and long family meal times.

Archie Poulos

Juliette Antoon

3. Working Together: Leadership, development, and accountability

Archie Poulos & Juliette Antoon

Description: This elective explores the issues to be considered in drawing up job descriptions and developing staff members. It will look at positives and negatives of some common methods. 

Style: Popular level with time for questions.

About Archie: Archie heads up the Ministry Department at Moore College. He is married to Ainsley and they have 3 children.

About Juliette: Juliette serves on the staff at St Michael's Cathedral Wollongong focussing on women's ministry, and as a chaplain at Moore College one day a week. She was previously involved in student ministry at the University of New South Wales. 

Dan Wu

4. Women in up-front ministries besides the sermon (THIS ELECTIVE IS NOW FULL) 

Dan Wu

Description: Much recent discussion about complementarian ministry has revolved around the giving of sermons. However, there are a range of up-front ministries and leadership in mixed-gender settings; youth ministry, Bible studies, service leading, song leading, 'niche'-ministries etc. In this elective, we'll explore how we can carefully apply a strong complementarian framework to foster fruitful and attractive patterns of up-front ministry for both men and women in a range of areas in serving Christ and his people. 

Style: High-level popular with time for questions. 

About Dan: Dan joined the faculty of Moore in 2013 where he lectures in Old Testament, Hebrew, and Greek. He is married to Chrissie and they have 3 young boys. 

2016 conference: Submission & the Christian life 

Monday, 1st February, 2016. 

2 Main talks: (i) Jesus & Submission (ii) The Christian & Submission (Speaker: Mark Thompson.)

Mark is the principal of Moore College and lectures in theology and church history. He is married to Kathryn and they have 4 daughters. 

Electives at this stage: 

(i) Abigail: was she submissive? (Speaker: John Woodhouse). This elective will look at 1 Sam 25 and Abigail's relationship with her husband and with David. Is Abigail a model for women today? Did she undermine her husband?

John was previously the principal of Moore College. He has written a number of books including a commentary on 1 Samuel. He is married to Moya and they have 4 adult children and they have grandchildren in Sydney and Adelaide. 

(ii) Domestic violence: a pastor's perspective (Speaker: Sandy Grant). Sandy is the rector of St Michael's Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong. 

(iii) Gender confusion: a pastor's perspective (details to follow) 

(iv) Submission in my life & ministry: personal testimonies (details to follow)

Plus other elective details to come.