Priscilla & Aquila Centre Annual Conference 2018
Servants of God: the role of women in Luke’s story of Jesus

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Moore College is a community of men and women who long to see faithful ministry which honours the Lord Jesus Christ in all the world.

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Pete Orr

Lectures in New Testament

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Pete Orr


I am originally from Northern Ireland but came to Australia to study at Moore College. After college I returned to the UK to the University of Durham to complete a PhD in New Testament studies. I joined the faculty in January 2014 after several years teaching New Testament at Melbourne School of Theology. I have worked for churches in London and Sydney and had 2 years missionary experience in Romania. It is a real privilege to work at Moore College and I have enjoyed the fellowship with my colleagues and the experience of serving our students.

Matthew Pearson

Bachelor of Divinity 2017

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Matthew Pearson


As they say in the territory, Jesus is the “big-boss”. As a family, we’ve headed to the Northern Territory to serve among indigenous Australians.

Before Lisa and I met each other, god had been preparing us in different ways for this task. I had seen god save aboriginal teenagers in Armidale. Lisa had seen god at work through missionaries in the northern territory on a mission awareness trip, and a teaching prac at Ngukurr. We are both trained as primary teachers but wanted to get some experience in Christian ministry before heading “up north”. After two years of a ministry apprenticeship in Armidale, we arrived at Moore wanting to learn to think theologically as we share the news of Jesus with people.

Robyn Fowler

Distance Study

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Robyn Fowler

I wish that I had done this theological study as a much younger person. It has equipped me in a way that I had not been previously for church ministry. I’ve been so blessed by it that I don’t think I’ll stop once I’ve finished this course. I particularly appreciated the overview of Scriptures, and the rationale for that. Then when we’ve gone to study the individual books, they have become a lot more meaningful. I feel privileged to be able to access this level of theological training, especially in the country. We’re a small country church but I know it’s impacted me in terms of my confidence. My knowledge of Scripture, being able to use Scripture to help others, being able to turn out a passage because I know it so much better now. It has gotten me focused in my church work – it makes me much more targeted in where I put my energy, especially the verbal contribution I might make in conversations. I now truly understand the importance of my Christian service, it’s become much more meaningful than it might otherwise have been.

Sarah Thorburn

Bachelor of Divinity 2017

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Sarah Thorburn


I grew up in Perth and after a few years teaching maths in country WA headed east to be further equipped to teach people about Jesus. That has involved 2 years as a ministry apprentice at UNSW and 4 years at College.

I have been really thankful for my time at Moore. I’m thankful for the opportunity to think, learn and dwell deeply on the word of God. I’m thankful for lecturers who work hard for us, and for assignments that stretch me in my thinking (even though they can be painful at the time). I’m thankful for the privilege of studying alongside others who know and love the Lord Jesus and want to see him proclaimed.

Susanna Baldwin

Bachelor of Divinity 2017

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Susanna Baldwin


I like to tell people I went to bible college because I lost an argument.

The story isn’t entirely apocryphal: a new acquaintance had challenged me with the question “should all christians at least consider the possibility of vocational ministry?” and I had gone away determined to make a watertight case for why my calling lay squarely in the secular workforce.

After a little reading and reflection, I was confident I could give a sound biblical justification for Christians finding their place of ‘kingdom service’ outside the church, the chaplaincy office or the mission organisation. Yet something else happened to me in that process—something that eluded keyword-searches and flowcharts and neat thematic summaries.

And so as prayers and conversations and oddly timed nudges began to fall into place around each other, I felt a growing conviction and excitement that God might in fact have a different job lined up for me than the ostensibly ‘perfect’ one I had just thrown myself into. Eighteen months later I was taking my seat in the Knox Lecture Theatre alongside the fellow travellers with whom I would share the exhilarating—and, in many respects, all too fleeting— adventure of theological study and ministry preparation over the next four years.

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The Rev Dr Mark Thompson

Principal, Head of Department of Theology, Philosophy and Ethics

“It is a great privilege to serve Christ in this extraordinary place with these extraordinary people.” Mark has been Principal of Moore College since May 2013. He has been teaching doctrine here since 1991 and is the head of the Theology, Philosophy and Ethics department. His research interests include the doctrines of Scripture, Christ, and justification by faith, as well as Martin Luther and the reformation. Mark is married to Kathryn and they have four daughters: Elizabeth, Anna, Rachel and Mary. Outside of College, his ideal day includes spending time with the family, gentle exercise and watching a good movie.


The Rev Dr Colin Bale

Vice Principal, Academic Dean, Head of Department of Church History

“Researching war graves may sound a bit strange… but it is a great way of seeing what really matters to people”

Colin lives at But-Har-Gra with his wife Gillian and children, Robert, Elizabeth and Edmund.  His current research interest is ‘Responses of grief to Australian losses in World War 2’.


The Rev Dr George Athas

Director of Postgraduate Studies, Lectures in Old Testament, Hebrew and Church History

“I love teaching at Moore College, I love the faculty, I love the students, and the staff, it’s a great place to be.”

George is married to Koula, and they have two teenage daughters, Hosanna and Josephine.

George has previously taught at the University of Sydney and Southern Cross College. He loves ancient ‘stuff’, kicking back with friends, travelling and his coffee machine. He also suffers from jazz-i-tis and addiction to Formula One. He often finds relief by watching cricket with Koula.


Rev Simon Gillham

Head of Department of Mission, Director, Centre for Global Mission

Simon is a graduate of the College who served with CMS as Acting Principal of Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) before his appointment to Moore.

Prior to that he served in the Diocese of Newcastle and then planted Maitland Evangelical Church. He brings to the faculty experience in pastoral ministry, church planting and theological education in a cross-cultural context. Simon is currently working on a PhD on theological education and has been involved in a number of consultations in Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya.  He is passionate about cross cultural gospel ministry; including international mission work, ministries among Australian Aborigines, reaching people from ethnic minorities in Australia, ministries in remote and rural areas of Australia and ministries for working class men.  He is married to Margie and they have two children at university, Maddie and Noah


Rev Paul Grimmond

Dean of Students

Rev Paul Grimmond has been serving as Senior Assistant Minister at Unichurch (UNSW) since 2010, having previously been an editor for Matthias Media (2008–2009) and Rector of Unichurch (2003–2008).

He graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) in 1993 and with a Bachelor of Divinity from Moore College in 2000.

He is well-known as a trainer, mentor and pastor of students within the MTS apprenticeship and as a conference speaker. He is also the author of Right Side Up (2009), The Archer and the Arrow (co-authored with Phillip Jensen 2010), Suffering Well (2011) as well as a number of articles on pastoral issues for the general Christian public


The Rev Dr David Höhne

Lectures in Theology, Philosophy and Church History

David teaches theology and philosophy with a bit of church history on the side.

He is currently researching for a book on the coming Kingdom of God as the fulfilment of God’s promises to save through the Lord Jesus.

With Amelia and children Anna, Joshua and Samuel, David rejoices in the opportunities to serve our heavenly Father in the College community.


Dr Philip Kern

Head of Department of New Testament and Greek

“I have a special interest in John’s Gospel, Galatians and enjoy teaching New Testament Greek.”

Philip is captivated by the stories of the Bible, especially the patriarchal narratives and the exodus. The Gospel of John remains a constant source of great joy, while the epistles of Paul, especially Galatians (and esp. Paul’s teaching of the cross), are always in the background. When not studying or teaching he likes to read history, explore Australia on a motorcycle, and spend time with Amy and their four children.


The Rev Dr Chase Kuhn

Lectures in Christian Thought and Ministry

Dr Chase Kuhn joined the faculty in 2016. Prior to coming to Moore he served on the staff of St Thomas’ Church North Sydney.

Chase grew up in Southern California. He studied theology at California Baptist University, then Beeson Divinity School in Alabama, and finally travelled to Australia to complete a PhD through the University of Western Sydney on the doctrine of the church in the writings of Donald Robinson and Broughton Knox. Chase has been an instructor in the Cornhill Training Course in Sydney and is keen to assist young preachers to develop into faithful and effective communicators of the Word of God.

Chase is married to Amy and they have two children, Olive and Ezra.


The Rev Dr Andrew Leslie

Lectures in Christian Doctrine

Rev Dr Andrew Leslie joined the faculty in July 2013, having recently graduated with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. He is also a graduate of Moore College and served in the parishes of North Sydney and Strathfield before embarking on postgraduate study. His area of research interest is historical and systematic theology with an explicit anchor in the Reformation. Andrew is married to Felicity and they have two young children, William and Tessa.


The Rev Dr Ed Loane

Lectures in Theology and Church History

Ed Loane joined the faculty in second semester 2014. He is a graduate of Sydney University and Moore College (where he graduated with First Class Honours), and has completed his PhD (at the University of Cambridge) on the doctrine of the church in the writing of William Temple, a twentieth century Archbishop of Cantebury. He has served in Anglican churches in the dioceses of Sydney and Ely and has lectured in the Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Ed brings to the faculty a passion for church history and theology and a commitment to evangelical pastoral ministry. He is married to Jocelyn and they have five children, Jemima, Sophie, Benjamin, Samuel and Abigail.


Dr Peter Orr

Lectures in New Testament


Dr Peter Orr joined the faculty in January 2014 after several years teaching New Testament at Melbourne School of Theology. Peter is originally from Northern Ireland, and studied at Moore College before travelling to the University of Durham to complete a PhD in New Testament studies. He has been on the ministry team of a parish in Sydney and has experience of preaching in a number of different contexts around the world. Peter is married to Emma and they have four young boys, Benjamin, Oliver, Jonathan and Daniel.

“I love spending time with family and friends.  I enjoy reading fiction and about Northern Irish history. Having lived in Romania for a few years in the 1990s, I am also interested in all things Romanian. I follow (probably too closely!) Ireland in the Rugby, England in the Cricket and Arsenal in the Football.”


Rev Archie Poulos

Head of Department of Ministry, Lectures in Ministry, Director, Centre for Ministry Development

“I love to see the gospel go forward to all sorts of different cultures”

Archie is married to Ainsley and they have three children, Georgie, Zoe and Archie.  His passion is to see Sydney come under the sound of the gospel.  His research is into the nature of the micro cultures that make up Sydney and how we can better penetrate these micro cultures with the claims of Jesus


The Rev Dr Andrew Shead

Head of Department of Old Testament and Hebrew, Lectures in Hebrew and Old Testament

‘I just want to teach people to read the Bible really well.’

Andrew has been on faculty at Moore College since 1992. Between teaching – which he never tires of – he spends time with his students, preaches, and writes on the Old Testament. His major research interest is the book of Jeremiah, but he also pursues interests in the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament), Psalms, Hebrew poetry and church music. He is excited about the richness of the Old Testament as a source for Christian theology.

Andrew is married to Jean and they have three teenaged children who fill their lives with excellent conversation.


Mrs Tara Stenhouse

Dean of Women, Lectures in Ministry

“I oversee the pastoral care of women at Moore”

Originally from beautiful Wollongong, she has spent most of the last 20 years at the University of New South Wales, with nine of those years as women’s pastor with Unichurch and Campus Bible Study.  Tara oversees the pastoral care of the women students (along with 12 part-time women chaplains!), including the community of women living in Carillon House. She teaches in the Ministry Department. and enjoys discussing how we serve together as women and men.

Tara is married to Ian and they serve at Randwick Presbyterian Church, where Ian is the senior minister. Tara and Ian love relaxing at Callala Bay on the south coast.

Tara is involved in producing the Equal But Different Journal, and is an itinerant speaker at women’s events and conferences.  She taught a small group leadership course called ‘Room for Improvement’.


Dr Chris Thomson

Lectures in Old Testament

Dr Chris Thomson joined the Moore College faculty in July 2017, having previously been Teaching Fellow in Biblical Studies at the University of Edinburgh, Affiliated Lecturer in Hebrew Studies at the University of Cambridge, Visiting Lecturer in Biblical Studies at Oak Hill College, London, and Junior Research Fellow at Tyndale House, Cambridge.

Chris studied law at Oxford, trained as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, and served on the ministry staff of St Helen’s, Bishopsgate, before undertaking theological studies at Oak Hill College and Cambridge. His doctoral thesis was entitled ‘The Removal of Sin in the Book of Zechariah’.

The subjects Chris has taught include introductory, intermediate, and advanced biblical Hebrew, biblical Aramaic, introductory and advanced New Testament Greek, and the books of Deuteronomy, Ruth, Daniel, Zechariah, Romans, and Hebrews. He has tutored several other subjects, including courses on the Pentateuch, Job, Old Testament Theology, and the exilic period.

His current research lies at the intersection of Hebrew linguistics and biblical theology, with a particular focus on conceptions of sin and righteousness in the Hebrew Bible. He is also interested in pedagogy and is close to completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice through the University of Edinburgh.

Chris belongs to Church By The Bridge in Kirribilli and in his spare time enjoys playing guitar, walking, and spending time with friends.


Dr Will Timmins

Lectures in New Testament

Dr Will Timmins joined the faculty in second semester 2014. Will is an Englishman with an honours degree in theology from the University of Cambridge.  He previously attended the Cornhill Training Course and has worked at Eden Baptist Church, for the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship in the UK, at George Whitfield College, and at Beeston Free Church in Nottingham.

He has completed a PhD in New Testament at Cambridge, studying the identity of the ‘I’ in Romans 7. During the time he has studied at Cambridge he has taught Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Greek in the University and given occasional lectures in New Testament studies. Will’s skill as an exegete and as a teacher of biblical languages will be a welcome addition to the Moore College faculty. He has recently married Lizzy and they are both excited about beginning a new life together half-way around the world.


Rev Peter Tong

Lectures in New Testament

Rev Peter Tong is Assistant Minister at St Andrews Wahroonga. Prior to 2015 he was an Assistant Minister for five years at Naremburn-Cammeray Anglican Church (2009–2014).

He has studied at Sydney University, graduating with a BA (Hons) in 2001 and an MPhil (Ed) in 2007. He attended Moore College from 2005–2008, graduating with a BD in 2009.

Peter has been a visiting lecturer in New Testament in 2015 and 2016 and his appointment to the faculty is part-time. He will also continue as Assistant Minister at St Andrews Wahroonga.


Ms Jane Tooher

Director, Priscilla and Aquila Centre, Lectures in Ministry, NT & Church History

Jane is Director of The Priscilla and Aquila Centre, a centre for the encouragement of the ministries of women in partnership with men.


Dr Paul Williamson

Lectures in Old Testament, Hebrew and Aramaic

Paul and Karen have two adult sons Matthew and Andrew.

Paul has taught Old Testament at Moore since 2001. He is currently working on commentaries on Exodus and Ezekiel.

Recreationally, Karen and Paul enjoy seaside walks, and playing competitive basketball.


The Rev Dr Lionel Windsor

Lectures in New Testament, Greek and Hebrew

The Rev Dr Lionel Windsor joined the Faculty in January 2015. He completed a PhD in New Testament studies at Durham University in the UK in 2013. His thesis examined how Paul’s Jewish identity informed his apostolic ministry and has been published in the prestigious BZNW series by De Gruyter. Dr Windsor taught Greek as a visiting lecturer at the College in 2014 and was wonderfully received by students and Faculty alike. He has authored a number of scholarly and popular articles and is a prolific blogger.


The Rev Dr Dan Wu

Lectures in Old Testament and Biblical Languages

Dan is married to Chrissie and they have three sons, Liam, Archie and Harry. He joined the Moore College faculty in 2013, and teaches in Old Testament and Biblical Languages.

Dan loves seeing people grow in their understanding of and passion for Jesus, and loves being involved in training people to serve God in the world. His doctoral research explored the relationship of honour, shame and guilt in the Bible, focussing on the book of Ezekiel.

He also loves fishing, all forms of footy, fishing, basketball, and fishing.

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