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Since 1856, Moore College has been providing in-depth theological training in order to prepare men and women as thoroughly and effectively as possible for Christian ministry and mission. Based on the Sydney campus at Newtown and providing the ministers for the Anglican Church in Sydney and training pastors who serve other denominations, Moore College’s vision is evangelical and international. The College’s role is expanding. There are enormous opportunities for outreach, church planting and fresh theological course development in new and emerging nations.

Students come to study from a wide range of church and cultural contexts, for enrolment in diploma, graduate and postgraduate courses. In turn, graduates serve in Australia, South-East Asia, China, Africa, Europe and South America.

Moore exists to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by equipping men and women to know God better, in other words to help you to be a more mature and more effective Christian person.

Moore College prepares the head – to understand and teach the Scriptures with an emphasis on Biblical theology; nurtures the heart – understanding God and his purposes better leads to a deeper love of God and people; and develops the hands – building practical ministry skills necessary for a lifetime of service.

The Head

Moore is a tertiary academic institution with a good record of rigour and depth in its curriculum. We make no apologies for this. There is much to know and much to know deeply.

The Scriptures are at the centre of all that we do and we aim to equip you with a whole set of skills and knowledge to enable you to understand and teach the Scriptures in whatever ministry context you find yourself being active.

No matter what course you do you will finds at its core the study of the Bible: Old and New Testament, reflection on the Bible’s teaching in the form of systematic theology; an examination of the response of many to the Bible’s teaching throughout history.

Languages are important here and in most of the courses the opportunity to study one or both of the original languages of the Bible, Greek and Hebrew is given. Greek is compulsory throughout the full time three and four year degrees.

Most students that attend Moore have usually completed a university degree before coming but there are also a number of people for whom Moore is a first experience of higher education. The faculty work hard to support the learning of all students and help is usually available for those who need it.

Our aim is to help you to know the Scriptures; not just for their own sake but because in knowing the Bible better you are knowing our heavenly Father better.

A feature of our course is our emphasis on Biblical theology, which amongst other things helps us to discern that the Bible is  a unity focussed on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. In knowing the Bible better you are in a better position to be able to help others get to know God and to grow in their knowledge of him.

The Heart

Knowledge of God leads to love of God as we understand better his plans and purposes; his amazing love for us and his work on our behalf in the Lord Jesus Christ.

To know God better is to trust him more.

This will happen but we attend to this dimension of our relationship with God through a variety of means. The college meets together as a whole and in sub groups in chapel 3 times a week. Here is an opportunity to gather together to sing God’s praises; encourage one another; hear his word read and preached and present our prayers as larger community.

We also meet in smaller chaplaincy groups that provide an opportunity for a more intimate setting for discussion and pastoral care.

The faculty are pastors and often in lectures will take time to reflect at a pastoral and personal level on the material they are teaching.

We would hope that college will be an encouraging time, a challenging time, an uncomfortable time, a time of growth in maturity, a time of growth in appreciation and love for God in view of all that he has done for us.

It is also a time when we can continue to learn what it means to love others as well.

When you come to Moore you enter a community of learners. You will stay with your year group throughout college. You may get the opportunity to live in one of the various communities of housing that Moore maintains. You will eat lunch together and a regular dinner together. You will be part of a small group experience, prayer triplets.

In the midst of this you will find that iron sharpens iron as you discuss, dissect and sometimes disagree. You will find out again that Christians are not perfect this side of the Lord’s return and you will learn again how to bear with one another in love. And you may find the joy of entering long-term friendships that will support and nurture you through the years of ministry beyond college.

The Hands

We aim to help you to become an apt handler of the word of truth; to be able to communicate the word one to one, in small and large group contexts. Preaching is important and is modelled in the chapel and in our Congregational ministry unit you will reflect on preaching, practice skills designed to help you to be a more effective communicator of the word of God.

You will also be introduced to a range of ministry skills and thinking ranging from listening skills, knowing yourself in ministry, maintaining your spiritual life in ministry, the theology of church and ministry and much more…

A highlight of many students year is our annual mission week, when the college breaks up into smaller groups and works with churches in mission for a week. These are generally Sydney based but also move out into regional NSW, interstate and even overseas.

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