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The Rev Dr Mark Thompson

Principal, Head of Department of Theology, Philosophy and Ethics

The Rev Dr Colin Bale

Vice Principal, Academic Dean, Head of Department of Church History

The Rev Dr George Athas

Director of Research, Lectures in Old Testament, Hebrew and Church History

Rev Simon Gillham

Head of Department of Mission, Director, Centre for Global Mission

Rev Paul Grimmond

Dean of Students

The Rev Dr David Höhne

Lectures in Theology, Philosophy and Church History

Dr Philip Kern

Head of Department of New Testament and Greek

The Rev Dr Chase Kuhn

Lectures in Christian Thought and Ministry

The Rev Dr Andrew Leslie

Lectures in Christian Doctrine

The Rev Dr Ed Loane

Lectures in Theology and Church History

Dr Peter Orr

Lectures in New Testament

Rev Archie Poulos

Head of Department of Ministry, Lectures in Ministry, Director, Centre for Ministry Development

Andrew Shead

The Rev Dr Andrew Shead

Head of Department of Old Testament and Hebrew, Lectures in Hebrew and Old Testament

Mrs Tara Stenhouse

Dean of Women, Lectures in Ministry

Dr Chris Thomson

Lecturer in Old Testament and Ministry

Dr Will Timmins

Lectures in New Testament

Ms Jane Tooher

Director, Priscilla and Aquila Centre, Lectures in Ministry, NT & Church History

Dr Paul Williamson

Lectures in Old Testament, Hebrew and Aramaic

The Rev Dr Lionel Windsor

Lectures in New Testament, Greek and Hebrew

The Rev Dr Dan Wu

Lectures in Old Testament and Biblical Languages

The Rev Dr Mark Earngey

Lecturer in Christian Thought

The Rev Dr Peter O’Brien

Emeritus Faculty

The Rev Dr David Peterson

Emeritus Faculty

Dr Barry Webb

Emeritus Faculty