Moore College opened at Liverpool, NSW in 1856. It owed its existence to several people. One was an early settler in Sydney, Thomas Moore, who left his estate for educational purposes. Another was the Anglican Bishop of Sydney, Frederic Barker.

During its long history, the College has had thirteen Principals and over four thousand graduates.

The College moved from Liverpool to Newtown in 1891 in order to be near the University of Sydney.

Since the late 1950s the College has seen a significant extension of the college campus, the growth of a major theological library, an increase in the numbers and qualifications of the faculty, and the introduction of the four year course.

Purchases of property on the southern side of Carillon Avenue have made it possible over the years to expand the Library, Administration and Dining Room facilities and to provide housing for married students and faculty. 1994 saw the opening of the Broughton Knox Teaching Centre. Further development and expansion of the College campus is planned from late 2014.

The College has rendered its chief service to the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, the majority of whose clergy train at the College. However, the College has also been instrumental in educating many men and women who have served in other parts of Australia and beyond and in other Protestant denominations.

The College has a vital interest in the training of women for gospel ministry. For much of its history there was a close partnership between Moore College and Deaconness House (later Mary Andrews College). In 2008 the College took full responsibility for the training and pastoral care of the women who study alongside men in each of the College’s programs of study. Since then the Dean of Women and the Director of the Priscilla and Aquila Centre have led this critical part of the College’s work. The support of Anglican Deaconness Ministries in all of this has been been indispensable.

The Reverend Dr Mark D Thompson was appointed the College’s 13th principal on November 30th 2012. He was installed by the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter F Jensen, on June 6th 2013.

Principals of Moore

William Hodgson

(1856 – 1867)

Robert L. King

(1868 – 1878)

Arthur Lukyn Williams

(1878 – 1884)

Thomas E. Hill

(1885 – 1888)

Bernard Schleicher

(1891 – 1897)

Nathaniel Jones

(1897 – 1911)

David J. Davies

(1911 – 1935)

Thomas C. Hammond

(1936 – 1953)

Marcus L. Loane

(1954 – 1958)

D. Broughton Knox

(1959 – 1985)

Peter F. Jensen

(1985 – 2001)

John W. Woodhouse

(2002 – 2013)

Mark D. Thompson

(2013 – present)