December Prayer Points

1/12/2017 Pray that we would always look to God to provide for our needs
2/12/2017 Pray for those involved with the financial administration of the College as the year end brings added tasks to be performed
3/12/2017 Pray that the Information Technology staff would be able to keep the College systems working well over summer
4/12/2017 Pray for Faculty and students preparing to be involved in Christmas events at their churches
5/12/2017 Pray for families living on the Newtown, Croydon Park and North Parramatta campuses
6/12/2017 Pray for the exiting students who are still not sure where they will be serving next year
7/12/2017 Give thanks for the hard work and faithfulness of faculty members and pray that they will be refreshed over the summer
8/12/2017 Pray for churches preparing to welcome new graduates into their ministry teams next year
9/12/2017 Pray for the Registrars Department as they prepare for incoming students in 2018
10/12/2017 Pray that our students would grow in Bible reading, praying and delighting in the Lord
11/12/2017 Pray for those involved in Christmas services and evangelistic events
12/12/2017 Pray that Distance students grow in their knowledge of God through their studies
13/12/2017 Pray for preparations for the 2018 Priscilla & Aquila conference in February
14/12/2017 Pray that the College community will continue to be obedient to God and grow in love for him over the summer
15/12/2017 Pray for PTC and ITS students sitting their exams this week
16/12/2017 Pray for students as they receive their results
17/12/2017 Pray that students will be encouraged by their results and motivated to keep learning
18/12/2017 Ask God for smooth transitions for students moving into College accommodation
19/12/2017 Pray that the College communities will be welcoming to the newcomers over the next few months
20/12/2017 Pray that incoming students would look forward to their time at College and be eager to study the word of God
21/12/2017 Pray that Christians everywhere will stand firm in the faith and boldly proclaim the Gospel
22/12/2017 Give thanks for the way God has blessed our College over the past 160 years
23/12/2017 Praise God for godly church leaders and ask him to raise up many more
24/12/2017 Thank God for the public ministry of the Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies
25/12/2017 Pray that the true meaning of Christmas might be boldly proclaimed to all
26/12/2017 Pray that we might rejoice in God’s amazing goodness to us in sending Jesus into the world
27/12/2017 Pray that the gospel will be spread around the world and more people will believe in Christ
28/12/2017 Pray for those who preach the Gospel in difficult places and under persecution
29/12/2017 Pray that our partnership with less-resourced churches through the Centre for Global Mission will continue to grow in 2018
30/12/2017 Pray that many will decide to join us to study at Moore next year
31/12/2017 Pray that many people will enrol in the Moore College Distance Course in order to get to know God better

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Prayer Support Group

Praying for the needs of the College

Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

The Prayer Support Group is a group of women from all over Sydney that meets together to pray for the needs of the College, its faculty, students and staff.  We are always looking for new women to join us as we express our dependence on God for all things.

It is a joy to hear about how God is working in the lives of our students and their families and to find out firsthand how we can best pray for college and its faculty, students and staff.

When: The Prayer Support Group meets five times a year on a Monday morning from 10 – 12 noon
Where: The Principal’s Garden at the College in Newtown
What: We share morning tea together (provided by members of the group) and pray together.

Young children are most welcome, and while a crèche is not generally provided, there are plenty of toys available for the children to play with.

Dates for 2017: 

  • 6 November

More Information

For more information about the Prayer Support Group or to join, please contact Kathryn Thompson on email:

Financial Support