March Prayer Points

01/03/2018 Pray for the Registrars Department in this extra busy time for them as they prepare for graduation
02/03/2018 Pray for the CCL event on 7 March, pray for the speaker Dan Wu as he prepares for the talk
03/03/2018 Pray for the Finance team as they maintain the Colleges financial records
04/03/2018 Pray for those undertaking postgraduate studies at College either full-time or part-time
05/03/2018 Pray that our students will be wise in management of their time
06/03/2018 Pray for part-time students as they adjust to the demands of work and part-time study
07/03/2018 Pray that those who come to the CCL event tonight will find it helpful
08/03/2018 Pray for new students still adjusting to College life especially those who are away from family and friends
09/03/2018 Pray for the team of women chaplains who assist in the pastoral care of our students
10/03/2018 Pray that our students will trust God with all their heart concerning studies, family and ministry
11/03/2018 Pray for those among the Faculty who, alongside their teaching, have writing commitments to fulfill
12/03/2018 Give thanks for the opportunity to celebrate graduates going out into the Lord’s harvest
13/03/2018 Give thanks for the wide variety of ministries our graduates have taken up
14/03/2018 Pray that our graduates might effectively and lovingly serve God’s people to his glory
15/03/2018 Pray for discipline, energy and faithfulness for our Faculty
16/03/2018 Pray that our students will acknowledge God in all they do and say
17/03/2018 Pray for personal godliness and structured time management for our students
18/03/2018 Pray for wise decisions and faithfulness in every area of our lives
19/03/2018 Give thanks for the Advanced Diploma course with three specialised subjects for women which started last year
20/03/2018 Pray for our Diploma students that they will be stronger and more faithful teachers of God’s word
21/03/2018 Pray for the families of our Faculty that they might grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus
22/03/2018 Give thanks that God has provided the financial support our students need to study at Moore
23/03/2018 Pray that our students would continue to be well equipped for a lifetime of ministry
24/03/2018 Give thanks for the dedicated staff of the College and all they do to support the students and Faculty
25/03/2018 Give great thanks to God for the new students in first year this year
26/03/2018 Pray for godliness and patience as our students spend time with their families
27/03/2018 Pray that Easter would be a great opportunity to talk to people about Jesus
28/03/2018 Pray that many will come to trust in Jesus this Easter
29/03/2018 Thank God for the opportunity to remember all that Jesus has done for us over Easter
30/03/2018 Praise the Lord for the wonderful salvation won for us on the cross
31/03/2018 Pray for the Easter events held in churches around the world

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Prayer Support Group

Praying for the needs of the College

Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

The Prayer Support Group is a group of women from all over Sydney that meets together to pray for the needs of the College, its faculty, students and staff.  We are always looking for new women to join us as we express our dependence on God for all things.

It is a joy to hear about how God is working in the lives of our students and their families and to find out firsthand how we can best pray for college and its faculty, students and staff.

When: The Prayer Support Group meets five times a year on a Monday morning from 10 – 12 noon
Where: The Principal’s Garden at the College in Newtown
What: We share morning tea together (provided by members of the group) and pray together.

Young children are most welcome, and while a crèche is not generally provided, there are plenty of toys available for the children to play with.


  • 26 February
  • 14 May
  • 30 July
  • 24 September
  • 5 November

More Information

For more information about the Prayer Support Group or to join, please contact Kathryn Thompson on email:

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