Bachelor of Divinity (BD)

Full-time: 4 years | First year available part-time

CRICOS Code: 013598B   AQF Level: 8

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The Bachelor of Divinity (BD) is our central award. It is a four year degree designed for men and women who desire a biblical and theological foundation for full-time Christian ministry.

The first year only is available part-time. The first three years of the BD are the same as the Bachelor of Theology (BTh). The fourth year of study draws together the knowledge and skills learnt in the first three years. In Year 4 you can also choose from a range of enriching specialist electives.

A current Working With Children Check is required of all Moore College students.


Where this degree might take you

The BD provides the pathway to ordination within the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. For more information on ordination contact Ministry Training and Development.

Other graduate jobs include:

  • university student work
  • missionary work
  • various types of church work including youth ministry and women’s ministry
  • chaplaincy
  • church planting
  • theological and Bible college teaching.

BD graduates have access to a range of higher degrees. Those with Honours 1 or 2A may be eligible for the College’s Master of Theology (research) or PhD programs.

Course Structure

Year Biblical Studies Christian Thought Christian Ministry
1 BS106/107 Hebrew 1A/1B1
BS102/103 Greek 1A/1B
BS111 Old Testament 1
BS121 New Testament 1
BS141 Biblical Theology
CT100 Doctrine 1
CT120 Church History 1
CM102 Ministry & Mission 1
CM153 Cross-Cultural Christian Communication1
CM162 Understanding Buddhism & Islam1
2 BS200 Hebrew 22
BS201 Greek 2
BS211/212 Old Testament 2
BS221New Testament 2
CT200 Doctrine 2
CT211 Philosophy 2
CT220 Church History 2
CM202 Ministry & Mission 2
CM235 Intentional Ministry Reflection A
3 BS300 Hebrew 32
BS311/312 Old Testament 3
BS321 New Testament 3
CT300 Doctrine 3
CT311 Theological Responses to Philosophy
CT330 Christian Ethics 33
CM302 Ministry & Mission 3
CM335 Intentional Ministry Reflection B
CM341 Youth ministry 33
4 Year 4 students are required to take the four core units and either of two pathways as specified below.
Core BS400 OT 4 Daniel (Aramaic)4
BS412 OT4 Zechariah (Hebrew)4
BS421 New Testament 44
CT420 Church History 4
CTXXX (one unit chosen from CT electives. Exclusions: CT499 and CT400)
CM402 Ministry & Mission 4
Year 4 students choose one of two pathways: CT499 Project5
CT400 Issues in Theology plus two electives from any field
Electives BS405 ATBGE
BS411 Old Testament 4 (Eng)
BS422 NT Christology
CT403 Atonement
CT410 Confessing Christ
CT412 The Three are One
CT423 Reformed Greats
CT431 Hermeneutics
CT451 Contemporary Apologetics
CM405 Advanced Pastoral Ministry
CM410 Worship & Anglican Liturgy


  1. Year 1 students take EITHER   BS106 and BS107 (pre-req to Heb 2) OR CM153 & CM162.
  2. BS200 is a co-requisite of BS212 and BS300 is a co-requisite of BS312.
  3. Taken by BTh (Youth Min) students in Year 3 in place of CT330.
  4. Whichever of BS412 and BS421 is not taken as a core unit can be counted as an elective.
  5. The BD average must be, at minimum, 72.5% over the first three years of study to qualify for CT499 Project.


Not all CT electives in Year 4 are offered every year.

Admission Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree in any field from an Australian university or equivalent.
    Enquiries are welcome from Australian residents without a university degree as mature age students may qualify by an entrance exam.
  • For those without a university degree in English, a certified copy of an IELTS score of at least 6.5 in all categories of the academic test. TOEFL scores are also accepted. For more information on IELTS tests please visit
  • Course credit may be available and is assessed in terms of the Academic Credit Policy on the Moore Policy Library website and the Australian Qualifications Framework, Qualifications Pathways Policy.
    Admission Process

Student Profile

The table below gives an indication of the likely peer cohort for new BD students at Moore College. It provides data on students that commenced undergraduate study in 2017.


Applicant background

Number of students

Percentage of all new students

A. Past higher education study



B. Past vocational education and training study



C. Recent secondary education



D. Life experience (mature age provisions)



International students



All students



For issues of privacy the following notes apply.

Notes:  L/N – Low numbers: the number of students is less than 5

N/P – Not published: the number is hidden to prevent calculation.


Further Information

Further information is available in the Undergraduate section of our study site.

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