Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Full-time: 3–4 years | Part-time: 3–8 years

CRICOS Code: 087944K   AQF Level: 10

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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) aims to equip qualified persons for a vocation of teaching and research in theological colleges and universities and for the scholarly enhancement of Christian ministry.

The Australian Qualifications Framework guidelines reflected in Higher Education practice, acknowledges that ‘a typical research…doctoral program would be expected to require the equivalent of three to four years of full-time work.

Course Structure

Candidates undertake independent research towards a 70,000–100,000 word thesis on a topic approved by the College.  The research is conducted under the supervision of a member of faculty of Moore College.

The thesis must:

  • make a distinct contribution to theological learning
  • evidence original research and the exercise of independent critical analysis
  • evidence the author, being trained in the techniques relevant to the field of research and of being capable, without supervision, of applying these techniques to other research projects
  • evidence sufficient familiarity with the area of discipline in which the author had worked to critically assess the present state of knowledge in the subject and to conceive further investigation with an increasing independence.

Candidates will be required to show evidence of competence in ancient and/or modern languages in order to access primary sources and significant secondary works relevant to their research area.  Language requirements will be determined at the time of application in consultation with the proposed supervisor.

Admission requirements

The academic requirements for entry to the course may be satisfied by any one of the following:

  • the Moore College Bachelor of Divinity (BD) with honours 1 or 2A
  • the Moore College Master of Theology (MTh)
  • enrolment in the Moore College MTh for not less than one year as a full-time candidate or two years as a part-time candidate where the Research & Centres Committee (RACC) has certified that the applicants work as a Masters candidate is of such a standard as to justify candidature for the PhD degree
  • graduates of an approved Australian or overseas institution with a qualification, which, in the opinion of the RACC is equivalent to any of the above.  Such applicants will need to demonstrate competence to Level III in a biblical language relevant to their planned area of research and submit a piece of written work that demonstrates their capacity to research.

 Other criteria

  • Full-time candidates who have not completed the Moore College BD may be required to audit certain Year 4 BD units.
  • Those whose first language is not English, or who have not completed a degree in English, are required to present a certified copy of an IELTS score of at least 7.5 in all categories of the academic test. TOEFL scores are also accepted. For more information on IELTS tests please visit
  • A candidate may not be admitted unless the RACC determines that adequate supervision is available.

Admissions Process

 Graduate Research Seminars

The College conducts a Graduate Research Seminar program. The program provides an opportunity for students to present their research to the College’s research community, comprising of other research students and members of faculty. The focus of the presentations is methodology and thesis content. The program enables students to:

  • develop their research and presentation skills
  • give and receive critical feedback
  • reflect on issues of method, evaluation, and thesis writing
  • learn from more experienced researchers.

There are normally four Graduate Research Seminars per year.

Participation in the program is a requirement for all enrolled MTh and PhD candidates of the College.

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