Master of Arts (Theology) (MA Theol)

Full-time: 2 years| Part-time: 2 – 6 years

CRICOS Code: 041657G   AQF Level: 9

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The Master of Arts (Theology) program is aimed at providing continuing education in theology for graduates in full-time ministry.

Students in the program are assumed to be building on the knowledge and skills they developed in the Bachelor of Divinity (BD) program, or its equivalent.  Accordingly, MA (Theol) students are expected to demonstrate in their work, the range of skills appropriate to superior Level III undergraduate students.

Course structure

The MA (Theol) consists of eight units of study, of which six must be coursework units. The remaining two units may be:

  • two further coursework units
  • one coursework unit and one project (8,000 words)
  • two projects (8,000 words each)
  • one research project (15,000 words) – equivalent to two units.

All work undertaken in the program is to be based on a solid foundation of exegetical skills. Accordingly, all student must select at least one unit dealing with a book of the Bible in the original language.

Coursework units are chosen from the three mutually dependent fields of study:

  • Biblical Studies (New Testament, Old Testament, Biblical Theology)
  • Christian Thought (Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Church History, Ethics)
  • Christian Ministry (Mission, Professional Supervision, Christian Worship).

Students are required to complete at least four units from one field (the chosen field of specification) and at least one unit from each of the other fields to ensure breadth and depth in their program.

Mode of study

  • Most units in this program are offered in intensive mode in two, three day blocks.
  • At least four units are offered each semester, with one involving the book of the Bible in the original language.

Current units

Download 2019 MA (Theol) Units


Semester 1, 2019 Semester 2, 2019
BS558 The Epistles of Peter (Greek)
CM510 Worship & Congregational Ministry
CT511 “As it is in Heaven”: Living towards the fatherhood of God
CT598 Project
CT594 Research Project
BS552 Colossians and Philemon (Greek)
BS520 Life, Love and Longing: Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs (Heb)
BS554 Pastoral Epistles (Greek)
CT501 Confessing Christ
CT599 Project
CT595 Research Project

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Other units

Biblical Studies Christian Thought Christian Ministry
BS503 Exodus (English)
BS525 Jeremiah (Hebrew)
BS548 Galatians (Greek)
BS547 2 Corinthians (Greek)
BS559 John’s Letters (Greek)
CT515 Puritans
CT519 21st Century Church
CT523 Reformed Greats
CT545 Public Theology
CT551 Contemporary Apologetics
CM510 Worship & Congregational Ministry
CM518 Turnaround Churches
CM519 21st Century Church
CM520 History of Preaching
CM555 Engaging Islam

Admission requirements

  • The Moore College BD or BTh or
  • A bachelor’s degree in theology from an approved college affiliated with the ACTh. The degree must include study of the Greek text of the New Testament at Level III, that is, study over three years amounting to approximately 200 verses of the Greek New Testament and Theology studies at Level III or
  • Possession of a qualification of an equivalent standard.

Other criteria

  • Applicants with a three-year theology degree are required to have at least one year of ministry experience before enrolling in this course.
  • Those whose first language is not English, or who have not completed a degree in English, are required to present a certified copy of an IELTS score of at least 7.5 in all categories of the academic test. TOEFL scores are also accepted. For more information on IELTS tests please visit

Advanced standing

  • Applicants who have completed a four year BD (pass level) may be admitted with advanced standing of two units towards the degree.
  • Applicants who have completed a four year BD (Honours) may be admitted with advanced standing of three units towards this degree.
  • Applicants who have completed research projects towards the MTh but who withdraw from the course without the completion of the thesis may be granted admission with advanced standing of one MA (Theol) unit towards the degree for each research project.  This is over and above any advanced standing that may be granted from their BD (Honours) degree.
  • Course credit may be available and is assessed in terms of the Academic Credit Policy on the Moore Policy Library website and the Australian Qualifications Framework, Qualifications Pathways Policy.

Cross institutional study

  • On application to the Learning and Teaching Committee, candidates may be approved to complete up to two units of study with ACTh colleges.

Admission Process

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