A Very Short Course in Christian Ethics – Centre for Christian Living Event

Speakers: Chase Kuhn and Tony Payne

When: Saturday 25th May, 9:30am-1:00pm

Where: Marcus Loane Hall, Moore College, 1 King St, Newtown.


General admission: $60
Individual livestream: $35
Group livestream: $80

Morning tea included.

Buy tickets at ccl.moore.edu.au.

Event Details

Our tagline here at the Centre for Christian Living is “bringing biblical ethics to everyday issues”, and we’ve done by that by addressing a very wide range of “everyday issues” over the past several years.

But now we’d like to do explicitly something we’ve been doing implicitly all that time: teaching you how to bring biblical ethics to every issue, whatever it might be.

In this Saturday morning mini-course, we’ll be teaching a simple framework for bringing  the Bible’s view of reality to how we should live in the midst of reality day by day—whether in our homes, our churches, our workplace or in society. We want to teach you, in other words, how to do “Christian ethics”.

“A very short course in Christian ethics” will run from 9:30am–1:00pm on Saturday, May 25 2019 at Moore College. We’ll provide morning tea, but leave you to enjoy the culinary delights of Newtown yourself for lunch.

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