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About the Donald Robinson Library

The Donald Robinson Library began with the opening of the College in 1856 and now consists of a research collection of some 300,000 print and online volumes and a digital repository named Myrrh.

Donald Robinson is a former Vice Principal of the College, Bishop of Parramatta (1973-1982) and Archbishop of Sydney (1982-1993).

Some 100,000 volumes are located on open access in the Library at 1 King St, Newtown while the remaining print volumes are located in the Offsite location. To request access to Offsite items, click the Request item tab on the catalogue record and enter your login and password. To register as a visitor or to join the Library and gain a login sign up here

The Bishop Broughton Memorial Library & Margaretta Mary Woodriff Memorial Library

The Bishop Broughton Memorial Library (known as the Rare Books Collection) contains nearly 4,000 print items on religion which were published from the fifteenth century.

The Margaretta Mary Woodriff Memorial Library (Australiana and Australiana Rare Collections) consists of some 23,000 print titles, of which some are rare or pre-1900 Australian imprints.

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