Research FAQ

How can I find a journal article not held by the Library?

Sometimes the article you want is from a journal to which the Library does not subscribe. Or the Library may subscribe to the journal, but we may not hold all issues in print form, or you may not have access to electronic copies of all past issues. In such cases, you may request an Inter-Library Loan (via, or ask for help from the Research Support Officer (


How do I obtain a book not in the Library Catalogue?

We will do everything in our power to supply Moore College Faculty and enrolled students with any book they need for research. If the book you’re looking for is not held by the Library (either in the Open Collection or any of our other Collections including Offsite), you have several options. If you don’t need to borrow the item you might check its availability at other academic libraries, such as another theological college or the University of Sydney.

If you can wait several days (or perhaps 2-4 weeks, depending on the item), you may request an Inter-Library Loan. Email, providing as many citation details as possible, and we will endeavour to provide you with a hard copy or electronic copy of the book. This is a free service to Moore College Faculty and students.

If the book you need meets the criteria of our Collection Development Policy, we may also decide to purchase it. This may take weeks or even months, but once the book is on order you may place a hold on it through the Library Catalogue. The earlier you advise us, the sooner we can meet your needs.


Should I use the Catalogue or DISCOVER to find what I’m looking for?

That depends on what you’re after. Always search the Catalogue first. The Catalogue provides instant access to data on every item the Library holds, at least in principle. If your search terms don’t return a positive result, try alternative spelling. Or try different keywords. Or search by subject. DISCOVER combines the Moore College Library with a range of online content including books, ebooks, articles, journals, databases, multimedia, , pamphlets, Myrrh (the Moore Institutional Repository, including course set readings and audio files), and more. Search for material using Discover when you want a broad sweep of the literature, such as when you’re looking a large list of citations. There’s a comprehensive guide to DISCOVER here.