Community Meals

All full-time students are expected to attend each weekday lunch. Each Chaplaincy Group is invited (with spouses) to a dinner on a Tuesday evening in the course of the year. Married students may attend other weekday evening meals by booking at Reception and paying the usual fee.

Chaplaincy Groups

Meeting together in Chaplaincy Groups is integral to the College’s commitment to learning in fellowship. The groups perform a number of important functions in the preparation of students for Christian ministry and leadership. Within the College program various other groups also help to set a vision for gospel ministry and foster fellowship, theological reflection, group skills, prayer, mission and accountability.

Chapel Services

All full-time students are expected to attend chapel on Tuesday and Friday at 9.05 a.m. Various orders of Morning Prayer are normally used. On Wednesday and Thursday, students attend either a chaplaincy group or a chapel service. On Thursdays a student from either Third or Fourth Year will preach. The sermon should always be an exposition of a passage of Scripture.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students is responsible for the spiritual and personal welfare, and all other matters which affect the well-being of students and their families, including student housing, residence (including John Chapman House, Carillon House, But-Har-Gra and Moore West) and catering.

The Dean is also responsible to the Principal for the co-ordination of chaplaincy reports for students offering for ordination in the Anglican and Presbyterian denominations.

Academic Support Coordinator

The Academic Support Coordinator’s role is to assist students with Study skills, Academic writing and English language needs during their course.

We have a growing number of students who come from a non-English speaking background and a proportion of students who have not been to university before. In addition, there are students who have not studied for many years, and others with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

The coordinator role includes:

  • Supporting students and helping them to develop their skills and confidence to succeed with the demanding workload of the Moore College undergraduate programs. The focus is largely on first year, in the hope that after a year of support, students will be better equipped to tackle the later years. However, all students are welcome to access support as they need it.
  • Offering training to the students who volunteer to act as mentors/tutors to students in lower years. This is a student team commitment and is a very positive element of learning in community. However, there is some training needed for students in how to effectively mentor.
  • Liaising with faculty to develop awareness of the needs of specific students, and to give input in class about the academic skills needed for assessment tasks. This includes academic Integrity, reading and note-taking, tips for academic writing and referencing skills.

The registrar, dean of students, chaplains and faculty are all encouraged to refer students to me if they become aware of issues that are impacting the student’s academic work. We encourage students to access support as early as possible and hopefully we can prevent some problems and enhance their studies, to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Contact Amelia Hohne at

students studying

Residence & College Housing

All single students are expected to reside in College for the duration of their course. Men reside in John Chapman House and women reside in Carillon House. Married students may apply to live in College housing.

Students requesting concession to live out on compassionate grounds should consult the Principal.

College housing includes homes owned by the College at Newtown, Croydon Park and Parramatta and homes in Newtown owned by others and made available by the College for student accommodation.

The College welcomes you into the community and undertakes to provide for your needs as far as possible. The student pays accommodation fees in a similar manner to residents of John Chapman House and Carillon House. Fees vary according to the standard of accommodation.

Enquiries for single accommodation may be made at any time to and for married housing to

Students wishing to apply for College accommodation should apply as early as possible once they have accepted their offer of study.

Sport & Recreation

Various sports are organised during the course of the year, including touch football, ultimate frisbee and soccer. By special arrangement, St John’s and St Paul’s ovals are available from time to time. A pool table is available in the John Chapman House Common Room. Volley ball may be played in the Triangle of John Chapman House.

Moore College students are eligible to join the Sydney University Sports Union and so take advantage of their swimming, squash, tennis and gymnasium facilities.

Campus Guide

This booklet has been prepared to enable students, faculty and staff of the College to see what has been done and rejoice in the inheritance into which they have entered as present members of the College. We hope it will also be helpful in locating where particular rooms are on the campus.

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