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Priscilla & Aquila Centre - P&A 

Established in 2011, the Centre is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. The Priscilla & Aquila Centre serves as a resource for promoting and supporting the complementary ministries of men and women. This exciting initiative encourages women in various ministries and in pursuing postgraduate theological education. There is also particular focus on exploring how men and woman can work together in gospel ministry, including the nature of teaching at Moore College.

The Centre is quickly becoming an influential global voice about important issues in ministry and is frequently consulted by churches and other organisations in Australia and overseas.

With the support of Anglican Deaconess Ministries the College seeks to continue to enable the Centre to provide additional resources and assistance to ministries throughout Sydney, across Australia and around the world.

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Centre for Christian Living - CCL

The Centre for Christian Living was also established in 2011. The Centre focuses on engaging men and woman in the community who are keen to think more about Christianity and following Jesus faithfully in a complex world.

Engagement with the community revolves around an open invitation to the broader public to visit the Centre for Christian Living on the College campus. The initial response by the public to “CCL Open Nights” has been incredible, with several hundred men and women visiting the Centre to engage in discussion of contemporary issues. The Centre has also focused its attention on the importance of a thoughtful Christian presence in ‘the public square’.

The College is aiming to provide more resources to Christian leaders while helping the Centre itself expand its reach even more successfully into the broader community.

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A Bible-based theological education to students also needs to be practical and relevant. In another exciting Australian first Moore College has established the Centre for Ministry Development. The Centre aims to help churches strengthen their ministries by providing increased support to those at the ‘coalface’. The Centre offers a highly tailored individual ministry development program. The program takes into consideration:

  • the skills a minister already has
  • the setting in which they minister, and;
  • what their needs are.

This approach enables us to focus on specific areas of personal development. Significant collaboration with pastors and churches and Diocesan organisations sees courses offering practical assistance to ministers in areas as diverse as financial management and human resources.

In partnership with Effective Ministries Under God the College seeks to enable the work of the Centre to continue to focus on improving the impact of early ministry placements (our graduates) while providing training and coaching for those working in churches.

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Centre for Global Mission - CGM

Moore College was established in 1856 to train people for the proclamation of the Gospel in what was then considered one of the ends of the world. Since that time the College has played a key role in training people for missionary work and practically supporting other theological institutions around the world.

The Centre for Global Mission, launched in October 2016, cements and expands that role, building a bridge between the academic heart of the college and the world in which we minister. The centre’s ultimate goal is to broaden the reach of this work and to serve our partners overseas in a more targeted, strategic and integrated manner.

Working with the college’s established networks in a range of countries, the Centre for Global Mission offers help with essential practical resources and consultancy services in providing and administering theological education.

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