About Moore Distance

Our beginnings

What began in the 1940’s as a tool to train lay preachers for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney has grown. Moore College now has, on average, around 5,000 students in more than 50 countries studying with us each year. Archdeacon T.C. Hammond (then Principal of Moore College) started training a small group of lay preachers in 1941.

“From this small beginning the demand for solid Bible teaching grew.”

Twenty four people sat for the first exam!! From this small beginning the demand for solid Bible teaching grew. The original course material was a copy of the lecture notes used by T.C. Hammond and sent to those who could not attend the lectures in Newtown. From these humble beginnings the Moore College External Studies Department began.

Our future

For some time Moore College has been investing in technological changes that will enhance the learning experience for their distance education students. With people all over the world engaging in our distances courses, including over 50,000 people having used Intro to the Bible to help them understand the consistent and unified message of the Bible, it was also time to change the name to really reflect the global nature of the courses. What was the Moore College External Studies Department has now become Moore College Distance.