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Important information about the ITS and CCS


Current ITS Students:

  • The ITS course will cease being offered after term 4 2018.
  • To receive an ITS award, your remaining units will need to be completed by the end of term 4, 2018.
  • After this time you can continue your studies can do so through the PTC course and what you have done will be credited to a PTC award.
  • More information about the PTC can be found here
  • To see which units you have completed in all Moore Distance courses, as well as your results and exam details, log onto and in the Information menu, choose Enrolments.


Current CCS Students:

  • The CCS course (formerly known as the DBS) will cease being offered at the end of 2020.
  • To receive a CCS award, your remaining units need to be completed by the end of 2020.
  • CCS Lecture series will continue to be held from 7-9pm on Tuesday nights (see below for term dates).
  • From 2021, PTC Lecture series will continue to be offered, as a supplement to the PTC course.
  • CCS students are welcome to continue studying through the PTC. More information about the PTC can be found here.

CCS Information Sheet


Final CCS units being offered


  • Old Testament 1 (Pentateuch)
  • Christian Worship
  • NT1 (Mark)
  • Apologetics



  • Ministry
  • Old Testament 2 (Former Prophets)
  • John
  • Church History 1 (Early Church History)


ITS term calendar

2018, Term 4

Term Commences: 3 December

Exam period: 9–15 February, 2019

We anticipate the 2019 program of lectures, although the order units are taught in a given year may need to change.

CCS term calendar

2019, Term 1

Dates: 19 Feb – 2 Apr (not 26/3) (exam: 9 Apr)

Subject: Old Testament 1 (Pentateuch)

Lecturer: Dr Paul Williamson

2019, Term 2

Dates: 30 Apr – 4 Jun (exam: 11 Jun)

Subject: Christian Worship

Lecturer: Rev Dr Mark Earngey

2019, Term 3

Dates: 16 Jul – 27 Aug (not 6 Aug) (exam: 3 Sep)

Subject: New Testament 1 (Mark)

Lecturer: Rev Dr Lionel Windsor

2019, Term 4

Dates: 17 Sep – 29 Oct (not 1 Oct) (exam: 5 Nov)

Subject: Apologetics

Lecturer: Rev Dr Andrew Leslie


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