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Important information about the ITS and CCS


ITS students:

  • The ITS course will cease being offered after term 4 2018.
  • To receive an ITS award, your remaining units will need to be completed by the end of term 4, 2018.
  • After this time you can continue your studies can do so through the PTC course and what you have done will be credited to a PTC award.
  • More information about the PTC can be found here
  • To see which units you have completed in all Moore Distance courses, as well as your results and exam details, log onto and in the Information menu, choose Enrolments.


CCS students:

Your course continues in the short term. More information to come.

ITS term calendar

2018, Term 1

Term Commences: 5 March

Exam period: 12–18 May

2018, Term 2

Term commences: 4 June

Exam period: 11–17 August

2018, Term 3

Term commences: 3 September

Exam period: 10–16 November

2018, Term 4

Term Commences: 3 December

Exam period: 9–15 February, 2019

CCS term calendar

2018, Term 1

Dates: 30 Jan – 13 Mar (exam: 20 Mar)

Subject: Acts (New Testament 2)

Lecturer: Rev Peter Tong

2018, Term 2

Dates:  1 May – 12 June (exam: 19 June)

Subject: Church History 2 (Australian Church History)

Lecturer: Rev Dr Colin Bale

2018, Term 3

Dates: 24 July – 4 Sept (exam: 11 Sept)

Subject: Romans

Lecturer: Dr Will Timmins

2018, Term 4

Dates: 16 Oct – 27 Nov (exam: 4 Dec)

Subject: Christ and his work (Doctrine 2)

Lecturer: Rev Dr Chase Kuhn