Moorewomen aims to provide a range of opportunities for women at college to be growing and serving together under Christ.

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We are keen for everyone’s time at Moore College to be spiritually rich and rewarding as they grow to know and love God better and prepare to serve him in our Diocese and beyond. We are particularly concerned for student wives to be knit into our community and to provide a range of opportunities for them to grow in Christ with other women and be equipped to partner with their husbands in lifelong gospel work.

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We would love all women at Moore to be involved in our community life together, whether through Bible studies, serving on a committee, writing for Magnolia or one of our many other activities.

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Bible Studies

Moorewomen Bible Study groups meet weekly during the term to read the Bible and pray together. Joining a Moorewomen Bible Study group is one of the best ways to get to know other women at College while being encouraged in reading God’s word together.

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Moorewomen Talks

Moorewomen Talks is our regular weekly program of great talks for women at College. Although the program is prepared particularly with student wives in mind, we are keen for all women in the College community to join us and learn with us.

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Magnolia Online Magazine

Magnolia is an online magazine with articles by College women, for College women. Our aim is to cover theological, pastoral and personal issues relevant to women who are preparing for a lifetime of ministry, either alongside their husband or through their own study.

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