The resources contained here have been prepared for ministry wives and those training for ministry. Many of our speakers and authors have asked that the material they have provided not be circulated beyond this target audience. Out of respect for them, please keep this in mind and do not distribute more broadly any material accessed through this site. If you would like permission to use certain material more broadly, we would be happy for you to contact us and we will do our best to seek permission for you to do so.


College Life Booklet

The College Life Booklet is distributed by Moorewomen to incoming students and families, providing information about community life and Moorewomen activities.

College Life Booklet

Moorewomen Bible Study Archive

Our Moorewomen Bible Study notes are mostly written by members of the Moore College community. Study notes from previous terms are available to download from our archive.

Download Studies

Moorewomen Talks MP3 Archive

Each week of term Moorewomen hosts talks by friends and faculty of the college – these are recorded and can be accessed from the MP3 archive.

Download Talks

Magnolia Magazine

Magnolia Magazine is published several times a year for all women in the Moore College community. It features contributions from faculty, students and student wives, including Biblical reflections, topical articles, book reviews, interviews, recipes and more. Magnolia is a great resource for all women at College as together we reflect on what it looks like to serve Jesus in our lives, and share how we can do this more and more.

Magnolia Magazine

Domestic Violence - A Starting Point in Supporting Victims

This booklet is a special edition of Magnolia magazine and aims to give ministry wives an overview of the issue of domestic violence and help them minister to people affected by it.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Policy
Domestic violence is contrary to the biblical pattern of mutual love and care of each other in marriage, anchored in the example of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is also contrary to the College’s published values of integrity and community. Please take the time to read the College’s Domestic Abuse Policy which seeks to protect and promote the safety of all members of the College community.

Domestic Violence Policy