160th Academic year ends at Moore

It has been a year of tremendous change and milestones including the 160th birthday of the College, the completion of the new building, the creation of a new Centre for Global Mission and a new accredited online diploma course, amongst many exciting initiatives this year. The Governing Board met last night in the new building for the first time for it’s final meeting of 2016. See our annual report 2016 to see more of the highlights from the past year.

The highlight of events held to mark this occasion, was the address from Principal Mark Thompson at last night’s dinner. In his address Dr Thompson opened highlighting an element of significance, “Isn’t it exciting to be in here at last? This building, if not this precise room, has been dreamed about and planned for fifty years, and now, in God’s good timing, it is here and the first meeting held in this room is for the exiting students of 2016!”. So the first group to meet in the new Marcus Loane Hall (pictured: today’s end of year chapel) was the exiting students of 2016!

Dr Thompson (pictured) encouraged the exiting students in their task “that we have a gospel to proclaim, the gospel of hope and forgiveness and unimaginable love from the one we have so insistently spurned and derided. For those fearful, here is a lasting answer to fear: ‘all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me’ and ‘behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age’. For those uncertain, and who feel the ground has been pulled out from under their feet, here is some solid ground: ‘teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you’.”

“The reason why giving yourself to this ministry is exhilarating, at this and any moment in history, is that this centre will hold – it will always hold. There is no one who can overthrow the authority of the Lord Jesus, no one who can overpower him, no one who can outvote him or thwart his purpose. What you have been taught, the message you have to share, is the one solid rock that can withstand the maelstrom. Before his throne no voice will prevail against his people and his mercy and grace are a cause of never-ending praise. This is an adventure with a certain outcome. And you and I have the immense privilege of being part of it.”

Here is a link to the full transcript of Dr Thompson’s end of year address.

The College is thankful to God for another year and Lord’s blessings on the faculty, staff and our wonderful student body. Please pray for the College as it continues to equip men and women for a lifetime of mission and ministry. Please pray for our graduating students as they go out and serve God in the harvest field in whatever context they find themselves.



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