A new book by Paul Williamson makes it into IVP’s Top 10 of 2017

Dr Paul Willamson’s latest book has just been published. Based on the material he presented at the Annual Moore College Lectures in 2016, the book is titled: Death and the Afterlife: Biblical perspectives on ultimate questions. It has been published as the most recent volume of the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, edited by D.A. Carson.

We at Moore College are thrilled that this book has been published so quickly. Paul, who grew up in Northern Ireland, is an internationally well-known and well-respected scholar. He has published a number of important books and was a contributor to the NIV Study Bible. He has been a member of the Moore College faculty for 17 years, lecturing in Old Testament, Hebrew and Aramaic.

The book examines some of the most important aspects of human existence. These include death, resurrection, judgment and the eternal destinations of heaven and hell. The Bible’s teaching on these subjects has proven controversial, even among those who follow Jesus. It is all the more important, then, that a careful reading of what the Bible actually says on these things is now made available by such an able biblical scholar.

Moore College Principal, Dr Mark Thompson is one of those excited by the release of this book. “What a delight to have the fruit of Paul Williamson’s careful and detailed work on the Bible’s teaching about death and the afterlife in our hands at last”, he wrote. “Paul’s lectures on this subject encouraged many and now we can take our own time working through them in detail. This is an important book, not least because this is such a neglected subject. The challenge will be to read them with an Irish accent!”

Here is how the book is described by the publisher on the back cover:

Today, there is debate amongst evangelical Christians about significant aspects of death and the afterlife. Paul Williamson’s study begins by setting out the perspectives of our contemporary culture and the biblical world before highlighting the traditional understanding of the biblical perspective and the issues over which evangelicals have become more polarized.

Subsequent chapters explore the controversial areas: what happens immediately after we die; bodily resurrection (with particular focus on the ideas of an intermediate state and a disembodied soul); a final, universal judgment; the ultimate fate of those who do not receive God’s approval on the last day; and the biblical concept of an eschatological ‘heaven’.

Taking care to understand the Ancient Near Eastern and Graeco-Roman backgrounds, Williamson works through the most important Old and New Testament passages. He demonstrates that there is considerable exegetical support for the traditional evangelical understanding of death and the afterlife, and raises questions about the basis for increasingly popular alternative understandings.

“This volume is likely to become the stimulus for more than one series of sermons… More important, it may well stimulate its readers to live life now and die well because they have learned to live with eternity in view, cherishing the blessed promises and consolations of the gospel of Jesus Christ” D. A. Carson.

Paul R. Williamson is Lecturer in Old Testament, Hebrew and Aramaic at Moore College, Sydney. He is the author of Sealed With an Oath, a contributor to the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology, and co-editor of Exploring Exodus.

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