An historic moment as keys to new Moore building handed over

Though there is still much to be done to get the building ready for its official opening on 11 February, 2017, there is excitement as staff, students, faculty and of course the library, plan to move into the new building.

Dr Thompson took the opportunity to especially thank the builders, Kane Constructions, who have been very concerned to accommodate a working college in and around their building site.

He also thanked Mr Cam Capel, the College’s Dean of Operations for his extraordinary contribution to the project. “Without Cam I am sure we would not have reached this point”, Dr Thompson said. “Our heavenly Father has provided our needs through generous friends and through wise stewardship and management of this project. This is a time for profound thanksgiving to God.”

“We look forward to many people from all over the city sharing with us on the day of the official opening.”

Check out a gallery of photos of the new building taken this morning on the College’s Facebook page here.

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