Annual Moore College Lectures 2018 media available

The lecture series on Answering the Psalmist’s Perplexity New-Covenant Newness in the Book of Psalms concluded earlier this month.

During the lectures College students and the public heard from Dr James Hely Hutchinson speak on central theological question: ‘what is new about the new covenant’? His method of answering this question was to investigate the book of Psalms.

“We are accustomed to reading psalms as discrete units, and this is certainly an appropriate thing to do. However, by attending to the shape of the Psalter (i.e. the entire book) as a whole, we gain the additional benefit of the Psalter’s overall message or theological insight on a particular topic. The question of how the covenants relate to one another is a central question addressed by the book of Psalms”, said Moore Faculty member, Dr Peter Orr.

The outlines of the lecture series are available here. Video recordings are also available here.

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23 Aug 2018

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