Canadian PTC Students Visit Distance at Moore College

Juliette, Bunny, Christina and Jamie (Left to Right)

Left to Right: Juliette (Assistant Registrar), Bunny, Christina and Jamie (Academic Administrator)

Interview by Juliette Antoon

Last November, we had the privilege of meeting one of our Canadian PTC students on his very last day in Australia. Bunny and his wife, Christina, dropped in to visit Moore College, to greet us on their way to the airport. They wanted to see where the PTC comes from. Bunny started PTC study in 2006 and has completed 19 units. Christina has done less exams but also studied. Their enthusiasm for the PTC was very contagious, so we asked them a few questions.

What church do you go to in Canada?
We attend The Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It has a regular weekly services, attendance of 250 and has a history of 130 years in the city.

Can you tell us something about yourself?
My wife and I are retirees for a few years. My family, with one son and one daughter, migrated from Hong Kong and have resided in Vancouver for over 27 years

How did you first find out about the PTC course?
The PTC course was first introduced by our minister for training church leaders.

Did you study alone or in a group? What was that like?
We used to study in a group. There was a leader who guided us in the study and we met for one and a half hours each week to study and review the notes. There were about 10 students in the study group.

What were some of the highlights for you in your PTC study?
We found that the subjects we learnt were really comprehensive and helpful for all Christians. Especially, when my wife and I studied at the same time, we could have sharing and discussions of what we learnt at home.

What would you tell new students about the PTC?
We would like to let anyone know that the time we spent to study this course is worth it, as the studying of God’s word would surely shape our lives.

What is something that you struck you or surprised you during your recent visit Moore College?
We were taken by the warm reception when we arrived at the College and also felt grateful for the provision of a short tour around. Moore College, which we knew in the distance, was brought within our reach.

We are grateful to Bunny and Christina’s kind Australian friend, who made it possible for them to visit us at Moore Distance. It’s very encouraging to meet our Distance students in person and to hear what studying God’s word means to them.

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