CCL Presents – Dealing with Guilt and Shame

Western culture regards guilt and shame as overwhelmingly negative experiences. The catch-cry of our times is “believe in yourself”, and ridding ourselves of guilt and shame is part of the near universal pursuit of positive thinking. Yet, for many, guilt and shame are all-too crushingly real and inescapable. We feel their weight even as we try to banish them with positive spin.

In our first Centre for Christian Living event of the year, Faculty member Dr Dan Wu will explore what the Bible has to say about guilt and shame—what they are, and how they can be both negative and positive experiences for Christians. Most importantly, Dan will unpack how these experiences relate to the defining reality for all human life—the glory of God seen in the cross of Jesus.

Dan Wu said it was an important topic for every person. “Guilt and shame – there are perhaps no two words that cut so deep as these in our souls. They are terms of the utmost importance in our experience of life in this world, which we have become especially conscious of in the last century or so. We all feel them, we all find ourselves pushed, pulled and sometimes buffeted by them. But we can also find them immensely challenging both to understand and deal with.”

“At our CCL event, we’ll be listening to many helpful (and not so helpful!) voices who have done research into these areas, but most of all, we’ll consider the most important and profound voice of all – our Maker and Sustainer – and what he has to say about how we understand, deal with and live well with guilt and shame.”

CCL Director, Rev Tony Payne, commented “Christian ethics is about having our minds constantly renewed and re-shaped by Scripture so that we can make sense of our daily experience and know how to act. I’m really looking forward to Dan helping us do this with our experience of guilt and shame.

The Event Details

When: Wednesday 7 March, 7:30-9:30pm

Where: Marcus Loane Hall, Moore College, 1 King St Newtown

Speaker: Dan Wu

The Rev Dr Dan Wu

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