Centre for Christian Living Event – A Hell of a Difference: How our understanding of Hell affects the Christian life

What does the Bible teach us about Hell? Does our view of Hell change our view of God? How should our understanding of Hell influence how we live now?

Hell can be a difficult, awkward subject. It’s easy to talk about why we’re looking forward to Heaven at church morning tea, but there’s likely to be award silence if we try to open a discussion on Hell. Jesus, however, spent a lot of his time talking about Hell, so perhaps we need to think about it and talk about it more.

On the evening of Wednesday 24 October, Paul Williamson will help us to start this discussion. Paul has been a Moore College Faculty member since 2001, where he teaches Old Testament, Hebrew & Aramaic. In 2016, he gave the Annual Moore College Lectures on Death and the Life Thereafter and in 2017, he wrote Death and the Afterlife: Biblical perspectives on ultimate questions. Paul has spent many years considering questions about Hell and we’re looking forward to hearing about these from him.

When: Wednesday 24 October, 7:30pm-9:30pm

Where: Moore College, 1 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042

Book now: Tickets & Livestream (early bird discount until 17 October)

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