Chapman legacy lives on at Moore with Chapman Preaching Clinics

He was a graduate of Moore College who was involved in training and encouraging preachers at Moore for many years.

The Chapman Preaching Clinics are part of an integrated program to help preachers keep improving from the day they commence preaching until the end of their ministry. “Preaching is not the only way we teach the Bible in our churches, but it is a vital way”, commented the College’s principal, Dr Mark Thompson. “When God’s people gather around God’s word it is important both that it is God’s word that is proclaimed — that is the powerful agent by which God advances his mission in the world — and that it is proclaimed in a way that engages the hearer’s mind, heart and will. What we preach has first priority, but how we preach is important too.” Preaching should be characterised by truth, clarity and passion. All three elements are necessary

Some clinics are for mentors who will help train others. They involve three days of intensive workshopping and input from experienced and well-respected preachers in order to develop local preaching mentors who are highly skilled and equipped to help others. We are not aiming at producing celebrity preachers but rather a new generation of skilled servants of Christ who ‘rightly handle the word of truth’ (2 Tim 2:15). The first of these clinics will be held over three days in February 2017. William Taylor (Rector of St Helen’s, London) will be leading discussions on the nature of preaching and how we might develop the preaching gifts God has given to his people. It is hoped that as more mentors are trained, more clinics can be conducted.

Other clinics will be shorter conferences, open to a wider group but still aimed at improving preaching. In September 2017, Dr Bryan Chapell, (Principal emeritus of Covenant Theological Seminary and author of Christ Centered Preaching) will conduct a public conference on preaching to be held at the College, and then he will conduct a longer mentor clinic.

We give thanks to God for John Chapman and others who have enabled this new initiative to go ahead. Our prayer is that God’s people will be strengthened and encouraged by the grace of God in Christ, stirred in faith, challenged to obedience and propelled into mission by engaging expository preaching.

More information on these events coming soon.

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03 Oct 2016

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