David Peterson’s book features on ‘10 Books Every Preacher Should Read’ list

Dr Albert Mohler, theologian and current President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, sees the personal collections of preachers as an indication of their preaching priorities, style and engagement. In his annual book review for Preaching Magazine, he highlights the ten books that he believes essential in 2018 for pastors to be reading, reflecting on and shaping their own ministry now and into the future.

In his own words, Dr Mohler writes, “When visiting churches, I enjoy observing the libraries of the pastors. The books collected by, treasured by, and used by preachers are the equivalent of a diagnostic test. Personal libraries reveal a great deal about how a preacher conceives the pastoral office and the task of preaching.”

This year’s review includes some Reformation-themed publications due to the 500th Reformation Anniversary celebrations in 2017 and subsequent “surge” in the production of these titles.

One highlight to note on the list includes one of Moore College’s own Emeritus Faculty, Dr David Peterson, and his Commentary on Romans (2017). It is encouraging to know that books from Moore’s faculty continue to find such approval in significant places.

In other publications news from the Faculty, Dr Will Timmins, lecturer at Moore College, has written “the most profound and convincing work” on the highly disputed Romans chapter 7, according to Tom Schreiner.

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21 May 2018

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