Governor of New South Wales officially opens Moore’s new building!

Around 400 people gathered on campus today, to begin a new era in the life of Moore Theological College as it continues in its gospel ministry. The $33 million dollar Learning and Teaching Centre was officially opened and a plaque unveiled by His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), Governor of New South Wales.

The verse on the plaque says:

‘For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.’ (2 Corinthians 4:5)

A ceremony was held where the Principal, Dr Mark Thompson, addressed those gathered, the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, dedicated the building to the glory of God and prayed for its use. There were prayers, a thank you from College Treasurer Mr Tony Clemens and two hymns were sung. A self-guided tour of the building was also held and afternoon tea. It was wonderful time of fellowship and thanksgiving to God for all those who gathered.

The Archbishop of Sydney’s Dedication

The Archbishop dedicated the building’s use for the glory of God, “I now dedicate this building as a centre of learning and teaching, a haven for thinking and reflection, and a facility of theological education and spiritual growth.  May all who teach and all who learn grow in their knowledge of God, develop their skills in sharing that knowledge, and mature in wisdom as they fear God and keep his commandments, for the glory and praise of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” the Archbishop prayed. You can read the Archbishop’s full prayer of dedication here.

The Building

Planned for over five decades, this new building is the fruition of much planning and prayer to the glory of God. The concept of the building was to serve the task of training men and women to be gospel ministers who can be the best equipped gift to churches. This infrastructure and these facilities were developed to be a means to that end, to support the learning and teaching that takes place at Moore College. The Learning and Teaching Centre comprises one basement level and 6 levels of above ground building (almost 8,000 square metres of space). It houses a new expanded Moore College Library, which is the largest theological library in the Southern Hemisphere. It also houses tutorial rooms, an assembly hall with the capacity to bring together the entire undergraduate student body in one space, and new purpose-built research and study spaces for students.

A legacy

Our principal was keen to celebrate our 160 years of heritage and some of the people God has used in the life of the College. Marcus Loane Hall and Donald Robinson Library were opened as part of the building with their families in attendance.

Marcus Loane Hall

Sir Marcus Lawrence Loane, KBE (14 October 1911 – 14 April 2009) graduated from Moore College in 1933. He began teaching at the College in 1935 and was appointed Vice Principal in 1939. He was Principal of the College from 1954–58. In 1958, he was appointed assistant bishop in the Diocese of Sydney and in 1966 he was elected Archbishop of Sydney. He was also Primate of Australia from 1978 until his retirement in 1982. Sir Marcus was the first Australian-born Archbishop of Sydney and also the first Australian-born archbishop in the Anglican Church of Australia. He was a prolific author and his works include several biographies.

Donald Robinson’s children Martin, Anne and Peter were at the opening ceremony.

Donald Robinson Library

Donald William Bradley Robinson AO was born in Sydney on 9 November 1922. He studied at North Sydney Boys High School, Sydney Church of England Grammar School, the University of Sydney, and Queen’s College, Cambridge. He was ordained in 1950 and served at St Matthew’s Manly before joining the faculty of Moore College in 1952. He became Vice Principal of the College in 1959, lecturing also at Sydney University. He was the chief architect of the approach to biblical theology which is now synonymous with the College and played a major role in the development of the College library into a world class resource. In 1973 he became Bishop of Parramatta and in 1982 was elected Archbishop of Sydney. He retired in 1993.

“Marcus Loane and Donald Robinson, throughout their lives proclaimed Jesus Christ as Lord and served his people faithfully. With them that is what we commit ourselves to do in the years ahead and we are so very thankful to God for giving us a building like this one in which that ministry can flourish and grow. Please keep praying for us that we would do just that.” Dr Thompson said.

The governor shakes hands with College Principal Dr Mark Thompson, after officially opening the building.

The same Gospel work continues

The College’s principal Dr Thompson said that this new building enables the College’s core gospel training work to continue with it setting the College up for the next century years, “The completion of this project is a moment for great thanksgiving to God, who has provided for this College at every point along the way. The College exists to enable men and women to take the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all the world. This building will help it to keep doing that for next century and more. We are grateful to God and to all those who have given so generously to bring us to this day.”

The College is grateful to God for his provision and this occasion that was made possible by him.

Here is a copy of the program booklet.

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