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A music ministry stream is to be added to Moore’s Advanced Diploma of Bible, Mission and Ministry course.

Moore College is working alongside Emu Music in offering a music ministry stream within the Advanced Diploma of Bible, Mission and Ministry. The Advanced Diploma has equipped hundreds of people for ministry in their setting and Emu has been involved in music ministry training for over 15 years.

Singing is a central part of nearly every Christian gathering – as it gives voice to the teaching, edification and praise that flows from God’s ministry of his word to his church (Col 3:16). Yet the opportunities for people to train in music ministry, in depth and at an advanced level, are limited.

This diploma is designed for music ministers, for all who serve in music ministry and those preparing and leading church services, in either a lay or professional role. It will equip students with the biblical, theological and practical skills necessary to establish and maintain a vibrant church music ministry.

Rev Archie Poulos, Moore’s Head of Ministry, commented, “In our age of increasing specialisation music ministry is a significant part of church life. Leading music requires musical skill, but we often forget it also requires biblical and theological acumen as well. Moore is answering this concern by offering a one-year advanced diploma with a major stream in music ministry. This diploma offers people the gathered wisdom from experienced music leaders such as Philip Percival of Emu Music. You can study the diploma full-time over one year or part-time over several years. We expect this will be a great blessing to our churches and their leaders.”

The Advanced Diploma comprises ten units: 7 units in biblical, theological and ministry foundations and 3 electives. The 3 music ministry electives are:

Church, Music and Worship

This unit lays the theological foundations, with practical implications, for leading a church music ministry. It comprises three applied theological components: doctrine of the church; the place and purpose of singing within the church; biblical theologies of worship and their influence on liturgy and music.

Music Ministry Leadership

This unit focuses on developing the practical skills required to effectively lead a church music ministry. It comprises three components: congregational song leading; leading a music team; planning and leading church services. It will provide a level of tailored instruction and mentoring of the individual, taking into account their particular interests and gifts, and centred around an existing role or student placement.

History of Christian Music Since the Reformation

This unit lays the historical foundations of church music within the Evangelical tradition. It comprises four components: the Reformers approach to congregational singing; the Puritans; the Evangelical hymn writers; and late 20th century developments in church music. The purpose of the unit is to allow the music minister to understand their own context within a broader historical and theological framework.

Core units are taught as weekly lectures, full or part-time. Some core units are available in the evening. Each music ministry unit is offered initially as a week-long intensive. Emu’s team of lecturers include: Philip Percival, Rob Smith, Alanna Glover, Michael Morrow.

It is anticipated that the first elective Church, Music and Worship will be offered as an intensive in 2019.

For more information or to discuss the new Music stream, please phone: 02 9577 9933 or Email: RegistrarDept@moore.edu.au.


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