Malcolm Richards Appointed as Director of CGM

 “If we are to see healthy churches that are centred on Jesus and his good news we need to carefully select and offer good biblical training to church leaders. I am excited to be working with CGM to fulfil its aim of helping churches around the world with this important task.”

In an exciting development for Moore College and the cause of theological education around the world, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Malcolm Richards as the new Director of the Centre for Global Mission (CGM).

CGM was established in 2016 to promote and provide resources for theological education around the world, with Simon Gillham as the part-time Director. Malcolm’s appointment as a dedicated leader for this ministry makes it possible for Moore College to improve and expand the resources and support that it can offer partner institutions in the developing world.

Malcolm is a graduate of Moore who brings experience of parish ministry and church planting in Australia, as well as experience in theological education in DR Congo where he and his wife Elizabeth served as missionaries.  Malcolm has been the General Secretary of CMS – NSW & ACT since 2011 and has worked tirelessly to see ‘a world that knows Jesus’.

Outgoing Director Simon Gillham commented, “Malcolm is exactly the right person for this role, and I praise God that he has made it possible for him to join us.  He is a servant-hearted man who understands what it takes to train Christian leaders in very different places around the world, and who church leaders and principals of colleges around the world will look to for guidance and partnership.”

As Malcolm takes up the role, he will be focussed on dealing with the backlog of requests for partnership, assisting partners to make better use of Moore College’s PTC materials for training in their own context, and developing appropriate materials for less-literate Christian leaders.

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