Video of Mark Thompson Public Lecture ‘Why were the 95 theses so revolutionary?’ now available

Last week the College held its final Reformation 500th anniversary event with a lecture on Reformation Day – October 31. Principal Mark Thompson delivered the lecture on the 95 theses and the video is now available online.

The atmosphere was good and the feedback from participants was universally positive. It was exciting to see the Marcus Loane Hall packed, and the Consul General of Germany, Lothar Freischlader, present (along with a number of other German dignitaries) as well as the Pastor and members of the German Evangelical Church. The night was attended by Christians from many denominations in Sydney, graduates of the College, staff, students and faculty.

Dr Thompson commented, “It was a delightful night and a fitting end to a year of celebration. The range of people who attended was very heartening indeed. The common room was abuzz afterwards as people shared the significance of the Reformation.”

The Principal spoke on ‘Why were the 95 Theses so revolutionary?’ He tackled the question of whether the theses were actually posted and challenged the scepticism of Roman Catholic historian Erwin Iserloh which set the stage for more modern denials. Dr Thompson surveyed the evidence and concluded that while that evidence is finely balanced, he was confident they were posted on the Castle Church door, and most probably by Luther himself.

The lecture then asked what made an essentially Catholic document so powerful in generating the Protestant Reformation. He explained that the theses set out a radically different concept of discipleship, one not bound to the ministrations of the church but instead characterised by faith and repentance and a delight in the gospel of Christ.

The College thanks God for a memorable night and it raises the question of whether we should hold a Reformation Day Lecture every year!

Public Lecture: Why were the 95 theses so revolutionary? Mark Thompson from Moore College on Vimeo.

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30 Oct 2017

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