Moore accessible PTC as further improvements come in 2017

Dr Chase Kuhn, Director of Distance Studies, explained the enhancements:

“Our course can be taken online or with a physical book. You can study on your own, in a group, with a coach, or come to Moore College and hear one of our faculty give lectures on the subject. Also, we have simplified our examination to a series of multiple choice questions, with individual feedback on each student’s performance. It is a very exciting time to be enrolled in the Moore College PTC.”

You can study the Moore College PTC from where you are anywhere in the world. You will learn more about our great God, the wonder of the gospel, the history of the church, and the practice of ministry and mission.

You will discover how the whole Bible comes together around the plan of God centred on his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. And as you grow in your understanding of what the Bible teaches you will grow in your capacity to serve God’s people and reach out to a lost world.

The PTC course structure is now simpler than ever:

Level One: Six core units

Level Two: Four core units. Two electives of your choice

Level Three: Four core units. Two electives of your choice.

After each level you are awarded a certificate.*

If you have not tried the PTC before, why not “audit” the course in our Moore Access, or begin studying the PTC with our unit ‘Intro to the Bible’? This could be your first step into a whole new world of rich biblical and theological understanding.

For more information on the course or to enroll please visit

*This is a non-accredited certificate.

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