Moore breaks boundaries of geography with its newest course

Via its highly interactive teaching tools and digital learning platform, the course breaks the boundaries of geography for the many laypeople and teachers who have ministry responsibility – particularly in remote, foreign or regional locations – and those who are travelling for missionary work abroad.

With a strong focus on fostering listening and feedback skills, and an understanding of the Church’s history as well as the histories of other faiths, the diploma equips students with the theological knowledge and confidence to carry our Lord’s message well into the future.

The online Diploma of Biblical Theology is an course comprising eight units of study. With three core units – Biblical Theology, New Testament (Mark) and Church History studied. The remaining units, five electives – can be chosen by students from a range of biblical studies, theology, ministry and missions topics, such as The Letters of Paul, The Cross of Christ and Preaching and Teaching the Bible. Students can tailor their electives to meet their particular ministry needs.

Accreditation means that on completion of the Diploma of Biblical Theology, the College will be able give advanced standing for the completed core units of online study towards the face-to-face diplomas taught at our Newtown campus.

Dr David Höhne, Online Diploma Course Coordinator, commenting on the news, said, “It is an extension of what the College has been doing for many years with the additional flexibility of being completely run online and yet without sacrificing the academic excellence that people have come to associate with Moore College. In fact, where ever people can access the internet, they can experience what is important to Moore – community, interactive learning and Biblical Theology.”

Moore’s principal, Dr Mark Thompson, welcoming this new development, said, “Moore College is known around the world for its commitment to biblical theology. So it is fitting that this new addition to our programs is designed to provide lay theological training should be called the Diploma of Biblical Theology.”

“Not everyone who approaches the College wanting to study with us is planning on a lifetime of vocational ministry. If they are, then the four year full-time course is still the best way to go. Yet we want to provide a range of options, part-time, intensive and online courses for the thousands of others who just want an opportunity to be better equipped to serve where they are. Our prayer is that this new course will effectively serve people in churches all around the world.”

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17 Oct 2016

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