Moore extends support for students with dedicated Academic Support position

Moore College has a longstanding commitment to supporting its students in their studies. To this end, the College provides a Dean of Students, the formal and informal support of faculty members, organised student peer support, chaplaincy groups and other assistance to students.

The College is excited to announce the appointment of Mrs. Amelia Höhne as Academic Support Coordinator for this academic year. Amelia will work alongside the faculty to strengthen the learning and study skills of students. Amelia commenced in her role last week.

With a background in teaching and learning support including in literacy, English Language and Teaching English As Another Language, Amelia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role. She will offer one-on-one support to students, run seminars, attend lectures to assist in class time and provide other support to students generally.

College Principal, Dr Mark Thompson, welcomed this appointment, “Amelia will help us establish formal structures and a framework which will strengthen the College’s support of all students by building their learning and study skills.”

Vice Principal and Academic Dean, Dr Colin Bale, commented, “This ties into a strong agenda we’ve been working on for several years about supporting student learning. While Amelia will focus on assisting students who have particular learning needs, she will also seek to resource all our students with teaching and learning skills. I look forward to contribution that Amelia will make to our program.”

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19 Feb 2018

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