Moore Mission Teams Coming Home

Another year of Moore Missions has concluded yesterday. Thank you for your interest and prayers in the past week. Just because the Moore Missions teams are back, doesn’t mean the “work” is over in the many areas they were serving. There are still more we can do.

Thank God for the seeds sown, and continue to ask that His Spirit be transforming the hearts and minds of all those impacted by the Moore Missions teams.

We can also pray for the churches and their members who partnered with the Moore Missions teams. Ask God to keep them energised and welcoming, steadily seeking to help people come to a meaningful, eternal relationship with Jesus.


Go back and pore over the terrific, descriptive blog posts of each Moore Missions team: Use the posts as a prompt for prayer, or as fuel for your own missional zeal.

Reading about the small and big of what the Moore Missions teams have done this year can inspire us to consider ways of reaching out in our own areas. For encouragement and stimulation, just check out a sample of the closing posts.


Having shared in what the Moore Missions teams have been doing this year, you might want to suggest to family, friends or a ministry worker you know that they partner next year with Moore Missions.

Or maybe you are eager to get a 2018 team to serve your church and community. We’d love to hear from all of you. Email us at to find out more.

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31 Mar 2017

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