Moore’s global vision given a new focus

Moore College was established in 1856 to train people for the proclamation of the Gospel in what was then considered one of the ends of the world.  Since that time the College has played a key role in training people for missionary work and practically supporting other theological institutions around the world.

The Centre for Global Mission cements and expands that role, building a bridge between the academic heart of the college and the world in which we minister.  Training for cross-cultural mission will continue to be an integrated part of the core curricula and life of the College community.  The Centre will provide further opportunities for contributing to external publications, conferences and the wider discussion of missiological issues.  The Centre’s ultimate goal is to broaden the reach of this work and to serve our partners overseas in a more targeted, strategic and holistic manner.

Working with the college’s established networks in a range of countries, the Centre for Global Mission offers help with essential practical resources and consultancy services in providing and administering theological education.

Inaugural CGM director Rev Simon Gillham (pictured) remarked, “We have tremendous resources in and around Moore College and amongst our graduates. The centre lets us harness those for theological institutions which are struggling in other parts of the world. I’m really excited that we can be part of levelling the playing field and seeing that our resources in Sydney are shared much more broadly and readily. The centre gives us the opportunity to engage a much bigger group of people and to better organise our response.”

“In theological education in the developing world, sometimes it’s about money but there are other major issues with which Moore College is in a position to help – in terms of knowledge and resources for teaching, for running an institution, an IT department that develops databases and online learning platforms.”

Moore College principal Dr Mark Thompson welcomed the move as an important development to enhance the College’s ongoing work in cross cultural mission and supporting the global church. “Moore College has, as long as I’ve known it, had a global vision”, he said. “We are concerned to see men and women from all cultures and locations come to know Christ and engage in the wonderful task of making him known. The Centre for Global Mission will help us to do that with a clearer focus and a broader reach. I couldn’t be more thrilled that this opportunity has arisen and that Simon Gillham is going to direct this work.”

To find out more about the CGM, visit the new centre’s website,

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12 Oct 2016

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