PAA conference 2014 helpfully addressed singleness, marriage and divorce and remarriage in ministry

The annual conference is a focal point of the Centre’s activities.

This year 340 men and women from Sydney, other parts of NSW and interstate packed into the Knox Centre to look together at the issue of singleness, marriage, divorce and remarriage in ministry. Anglicans have not addressed this issue in a public forum since the mid 1980’s.  

The main speaker Phillip Jensen (pictured at the conference) taught helpfully with three talks identifying biblical perspectives on singleness in ministry, marriage in ministry and divorce and remarriage in ministry. This was followed by numerous afternoon electives held before and after afternoon tea which covered a range of interests and topics.

Moore College’s principal Dr Mark Thompson commented on the conference, “2014’s Priscilla and Aquila Conference was excellent. More than three hundred people gathered to think carefully and sensitively about issues of increasing importance in our churches and in our society.”

“I overheard many comments of appreciation that the College, through this conference, was not shirking the hard questions and not afraid to allow differing opinions to be heard. The speakers were excellent and the crowds were abuzz with a desire to think through the issues further.”

Audio will be available on the PAA website in the coming weeks.

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