Priscilla & Aquila Centre Evening Seminar – Women & Work

This year the Pricilla & Aquila Centre will be continuing with this year’s theme across the Moore College Centres on the topic of work.

So far, we have had the Centre for Christian Living’s evening lecture, The Dignity of Work and recently Two Way’s Ministry Conference Work of the Lord/Work for the Lord, both teasing out the different applications of faith in the workplace.

In the same vein, the Women and Work evening seminar will include some interviews with Christian women about their working lives.

The speaker for the evening will be Phillip Jensen. Phillip is the Director of Two Ways Ministries continuing his lifelong passion of recruiting and training ministry workers in preaching the gospel by teaching the Bible. He is married to Helen, has three adult children and thirteen grandchildren.

Phillip will be looking at what defines works and how this looks in the life of a Christian. Further to this he will be providing insights on how our current culture of work is compounded by society’s changing expectations of how women work.

To find out more event details, please visit the P&A website here or click here to register.

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16 Aug 2017

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