Remarkable opportunity for MA students to join the dots on recent Reformation tour

Moore held an MA (Theol) Reformation Study Tour unit, in which Moore students joined a tour group that travelled from Prague through Germany and Switzerland and finished up in England.

The Reverend Dr Michael Jensen, Rector of Darling Point Anglican Church, led the tour of the key Reformation sites of Europe. Moore College MA (Theol) students participated in this study tour as a component of the Master of Arts (Theology) CT517 Reformation History Tour unit, lectured by Dr Ed Loane (Lecturer, Theology and Church History).

During the tour, the group visited key sites that were significant for the Reformation. The tour enabled the Moore students to develop a greater understanding of the theological and social context of the Reformation and the influences this context had on the shape of the Reform. By engaging with the geography, culture and theology of the Reformation as an historical episode students critically reflected on the Reformation’s influence on contemporary church practice and theology.

Ed Loane who attended and led the students activities commented, “This field trip provided a remarkable opportunity for MA students to engage with reformation history in a profound way. Seeing where things happened and visiting museums and sites dedicated to these events enriched our knowledge of the theology and history of this period. We were able to ‘join the dots’ of people, places and chronology which is difficult to do by merely reading a book or sitting in a classroom.”

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26 Jun 2017

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