Societas 2017 ‘always being reformed’

The College’s annual student magazine publication, Societas (2017), is now available. Societas provides a snapshot of life at Moore College through the eyes of the student body and highlights the activities and achievements of the year. This year has been one of celebration, as the College has been marking the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.

This year’s issue grapples with the weighty Reformation theme and its relevance today with feature articles on different aspects of the topic.

This year’s editor, Peter Blair, opens the magazine with the following reflection; “Although the Reformation was in many ways a marvellous mess of priorities, plans, personalities, and politics, at the heart of it all stood a group of pastors deeply concerned for the troubled souls of the flock that God had placed under them. It’s easy to forget that these men aren’t just books on our shelves; they were servants of God and his people, whose courageous stance continues to serve us in Sydney in 2017.”

Being more than just a year book, Societas offers insights into the students and faculty through the extensive profiles. In knowing the faces of our community better, we hope that this encourages your interactions with them and inspires you to pray for our community in their service for God’s kingdom.

For your copy of Societas 2017, click here.

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20 Jul 2017

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