Societas 2018 has launched – now available in print and online

The Moore College annual student magazine is out now! The theme of Societas this year is ‘Resilience in Christian ministry – discovering your hidden reserves’. You will find articles on resilience and endurance in ministry, student stories and profiles as well as Christian reading recommendations from the College faculty.

“In this issue of Societas, we are considering the issue of resilience. The issue has presented itself across not just Sydney, but the Western world, with numerous universities, businesses, and media outlets acknowledging and addressing the presence of burnout, fatigue, anxiety and stress in a wide range of fields”, said Editor, Peter Blair (Moore College Third Year Student).

He continued, “As Christians, it would be foolish to deny the presence of such issues, not only in those we are seeking to reach with the gospel, but also amongst the people of God. We hope that as your read the profiles of our current students and faculty, you’ll be encouraged to pray for them and the College as it continues to equip men and women to spread the gospel to the world.”

If you would like to obtain some hard copies for you and your church, please call 02 9577 9999 or email You can also download the Societas PDF file here (7 MB) or read it online here.

The publication is free for everyone. Voluntary donations to the College are welcome to help cover the publication, postage and handling costs at

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