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Our full-time face-to-face courses at Moore College are designed to equip men and women for a lifetime of faithful Christian ministry. But there are many people who want to learn more about God and be better equipped to serve him, whose location or responsibilities mean they cannot study full time at Moore. That’s why we provide distance courses, to give as many people the option of studying with us as possible.

From small beginnings in the 1940s, we now have over 5,000 people in more than 50 countries studying through Moore Distance each year. Big technological changes in recent years have made our distance courses more accessible than ever, and have greatly enhanced the learning experience for our students.

We now have a number of distance learning options to suit different needs:

Moore Access is a 12-month subscription-based course giving students online access to 6 subjects as a self-paced pathway into further study. This is ideal for those who want to ease into theological study.

PTC is designed for groups or individuals who want to grow in their personal knowledge of God’s word and has three flexible study options—online, correspondence and face-to-face.

Diploma of Biblical Theology is the College’s first accredited distance award, making use of interactive online teaching tools to bring theological study to people who have ministry responsibilities or live in remote locations.

Study wherever you are with Moore Distance courses! Find out more about the different options for study here.

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