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Mp3's & videos from our 2015 Conference are available plus full text from Lionel Windsor's talk. 

Danny Rurlander and other speakers

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Video from our 2015 seminar 'Adam & Eve: Were they historical people and does it matter?' (mp3 to come later)

Andrew Leslie

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Video from our 2015 seminar 'Language for God in the Old Testament'(mp3 to come later)

David Höhne

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Refresh conference for women in ministry: 'Stress & Ministry'

Who is this conference aimed at?

Women in ministry (vocational, full-time paid, part-time paid, voluntary, women in formal ministry roles) 


Dr Helen Rientis (GP, former missionary, clergy wife, mother, lecturer at Wollongong University)

Kara Hartley (Archdeacon for the ministries of Women, diocese of Sydney)

More details

Time: 8:30am coffee for an 9:00AM start. Finish at 12:30PM. 

Where: Moore College, 19 King St, Newtown. Or arrive from the back - keep walking along the Campbell St laneway after the corner of Little Queen St & Campbell St.  

 Cost: $10 per woman (includes morning tea & coffee beforehand) 


Questions? Please email Kara Hartley, khartley@sydney.anglican.asn.au, or Jane Tooher, jane.tooher@moore.edu.au 

This conference is co-hosted by the Archdeacon of Women & the Priscilla & Aquila Centre, Moore College.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

P&A Evening Seminar: Mary - the Second Eve?

Speaker: Peter Jensen
Time: 6:30pm coffee for a 7:00pm start, finish 9:00pm
Where: Knox Lecture Theatre, 15 King Street, Moore College 
Pre-registration (necessary): $5 online here

Group booking for all 4, unlimited number at each seminar is $50 per church / ministry group.

Monday, Febuary 01, 2016

Priscilla & Aquila Centre annual conference 2016: The Christian and Submission


Conference details

Main speaker: Mark Thompson. Mark is the principal of Moore Theological College. Mark will give two talks: (i) Jesus & Submission (ii) The Christian & Submission
When: 9.00am – 4.45pm
Where: Moore College Knox Lecture Theatre, 15 King Street, NEWTOWN NSW
Registration: Registration is open now. Pre-registration is necessary. 

Afternoon electives - Session 1 (choose one)

1. Abigail: A godly woman with a fool for a husband?
John Woodhouse

Description: A fairly careful (but not overly technical) look at the story of Abigail with a view to seeing what we can / should learn about godliness in the difficult circumstances of Abigail's rather terrible marriage. 
 Lecture style with time for questions. 
About the speaker: John was previously rector of Christ Church St Ives, and more recently principal of Moore College. He has written a number of book including a commentary on 1 Samuel. He is married to Moya. 

2. Submission: Understanding a relationally rich word
Peter Bolt & Claire Smith

Description: This elective will be a dialogue between Peter and Claire, showing how to understand the various dimensions of this word, especially as it relates to male-female relationships. When a biblical word is overlooked, misunderstood, or maligned, how can we understand it properly within the context of God's gracious dealings with human beings?
Style: Popular level with time for questions. 
About the speakers: Peter is Head of New Testament & Greek at Moore College, and is interested in the Gospels and how they communicate the good news of Jesus to our lost world. Claire is an itinerant speaker and author of God's Good Design: What the Bible really says about men and women (Matthias Media). 

3. Submission: Personal testimonies
Tara Stenhouse & Kate Haggar

Style: Popular level with time for questions. 
About the speakers: Tara lectures in Ministry & Church History at Moore College, where she is also the Dean of Women. She is married to Ian who is the senior minister at Randwick Presbyterian church. Kate is the Women's & Children's Worker at Neutral Bay Anglican in Sydney.

4. Modesty - More than dressing decently
Jim & Lesley Ramsay

Description: Modesty is commonly associated with appropriate dress and the female gender. But that restricts the focus  - and lets men off the hook. This seminar will look at what the Bible says to both men and women about modesty in the Christian life. 
Style: Popular level with time for questions at the end. 
About the speakers: Jim and Lesley have been ministering together for 45 years. After many years of parish ministry in Sydney, they now live on the Central Coast of NSW. Much of their time is spent encouraging young church planters in the FIEC network, fledging preachers at Moore College, and women in ministry. They try to keep fit so they can keep up with their 10 grandchildren.

Afternoon electives - Session 2 (choose one)

1. Domestic violence: A pastor's perspective
Sandy Grant 

Description: This elective will consider what Scripture says relevant to the subject, and how to prevent its twisting or misapplication. The seminar will also explore some of the challenges for pastors in caring better for those at risk of domestic abuse. 
Style: Popular level lecture, with time for questions.  
About the speaker: Sandy is the Senior Minister at St Michael's Anglican Cathedral in Wollongong. He is married to Karyn with three daughters. He serves on the Sydney Diocesan Standing Committee, and Social Issues Committee, and on the Board of Matthias Media. Sandy enjoys reading theology, biography and crime fiction. 

2. Submission: Personal testimonies
Alistair Seabrook & Brett Hall

Description: An informal conversation about what it means to have an attitude of submission in life and ministry, Al & Brett will be chatting about submission in their different experiences of life: family, singleness, with a boss whom you disagree with, younger boss with older worker, in mixed-gender staff teams, different cultures, learning through making mistakes/repenting of sin.
Style: An informal conversation with Al & Brett asking each other questions about what it means to have an attitude of submission in life and ministry. Time for questions at the end.
About the speakers: Al has been serving as Senior Minister at Dundas-Telopea Anglican Church since 2012. Having completed his training at Oak Hill Theological College in London, Alistair has served in parishes both in the UK & Sydney. He's married to Sarah and they have three young children. Since graduating from Moore College in 2013, Brett has been serving as the Minister of Rosemeadow-Appin Anglican Churches in the Macarthur region of Sydney.

3. Talking to children and youth about submisson 
Deb Earnshaw, Pete Tong, & Adrian Foxcroft

Description: Pete, Deb, and Adrian will share biblical insights and reflect on lessons learnt from their involvement in children and youth ministry as they have taught and modelled the biblical concept of submission. This will be a popular level lecture with time for questions at the end.  

About the speakers: Deb, Pete, and Adrian all serve together on the staff on Naremeburn Cammeray Anglican church in Sydney. 

Deb Earnshaw (bio to come).

Pete Tong was brought up in a Christian family and he describes himself as knowing Jesus as his Lord and Saviour for as long as he can remember. He leads the morning congregation at Cammeray and the evening congregation at Naremburn. Pete also oversees Children's Ministry across the parish and Scripture in the local schools. 

Adrian Foxcroft works at Naremburn Cammeray Anglican Church as the Youth Minister. He has worked there since he finished studying at Moore College in 2011. He is married to Anne and they have three children.

4. “Slaves Submit to your Masters”: Understanding and Applying the Slavery Passages in the New Testament
Peter Orr

Description: It will be exegtically rigorous but it will also unpack the application of the New Testament passages. The main goal will be to think about how we interpret these passages and the relevance that has for wider debates i.e. if the slavery passages don’t apply today because of our changing world does that mean the same for e.g. submission in marriage etc. – was that simply a cultural phenomenon? 

Style: Lecture style, with time for questions at the end. 

About the speaker: Peter Orr grew up in Northern Ireland, was a missionary in Romania, and has served on parish teams in London and Sydney. He then completed PhD studies in Durham. Before joining the faculty at Moore in January 2014 he served on the faculty of Melbourne School of Theology.  At Moore he lectures in New Testament and Greek. Peter is married to Emma who is from Sydney, and they have four young boys. 

Monday, January 30 2017

Priscilla & Aquila Centre annual conference

Main speaker: William Taylor, Rector of St Helen's Bishopsgate, London. William will give 2 main talks on Lk 10:38-42 and Acts 18. 

More information and topics TBA

Electives - more details to come 

(i) 'Ministry amongst staff wives & women on staff' (Janet Taylor)