Dr Barry Webb

“I love sharing the riches of the Old Testament with people through preaching and teaching.”

Barry began teaching at Moore in 1978. He has always been grateful to God for the privilege of teaching and writing, mainly in the area of the Old Testament. He retired from the full-time faculty in 2011, and is now an Emeritus Faculty. Over the last few years he has devoted more of his time to writing and he is currently working on two books, including a commentary on the book of Job.

Barry and Alison attend Bundeena House Community Church, where they contribute mainly by preaching, leading Bible studies, and doing personal evangelism. They have been involved in gospel ministry to mainland Chinese people for many years.


Online Resources


Online Resources


Thinking Wisely About Prosperity

Dreaming of Love (Song of Songs)

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Homosexuality in Scripture


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Current Research

An article on Various Biblical genres and the Authority of Scripture for a volume to be published by Eerdmans (under contract).

A volume on Judges and Ruth in the Preach the Word series, to be published by Crossways (under contract).

A volume on the book of Job for a commentary series focusing on biblical theology to be published by B&H Publishers (under contract).

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