Rev Archie Poulos

Archie is married to Ainsley and they have three children, Georgie, Zoe and Archie. His passion is to see Sydney come under the sound of the gospel. His research is into the nature of the micro cultures that make up Sydney and how we can better penetrate these micro cultures with the claims of Jesus.



From the Garden to the City: an introduction to Biblical Theology. Co-Author with Timothy D. Foster.  Newtown: Amos Publishing, 1993.


Articles & Essays

Review of ‘Evangelical Ecclesiology’. Reformed Theological Review 64 (June, 2005).

‘The Philosophy of David Hume.’ Kategoria: a Critical Review. 31 (2003).


Development of clergy competence

Current Research

Development of Clergy competence (PhD Thesis)

An investigation into urban mission in Sydney, in the light of Knox-Robinson Ecclesiology.

Quantitative analysis of ‘catchment’ zones for regional churches.

The Defining Characteristics of Sydney Evangelicalism and other Sydney micro-cultures.

The sociology of micro-cultures and plural monoculturalism as it operates in Sydney Church Planting in Sydney.

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Previous Experience
  • 1978-79 Junior Chemist, CSR Central Laboratory, Sydney
  • 1983-84 Chemical Engineer, CSR Pyrmont Distillery
  • 1984 Senior Projects Development Engineer, CSR
  • 1985-86 Ministry Trainee, UNSW & St Matthias’, Centennial Park
  • 1987-90 Student, Moore College
  • 1991-00 Pastor, Greek Bible Fellowship, Sydney
  • 2001-03 Training Co-ordinator, Ministry Training Strategy
  • Academic Biography
  • 1983 Bachelor of Engineering (Chem) (Honours 1) (UNSW)
  • 1990 Bachelor of Theology (Honours 2A) (ACT)
  • 1991 Dip. A (Honours 2A) (MTC)
  • 1998 M.A. (Theol.) (ACT)
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