Rev Paul Grimmond

Rev Paul Grimmond is Moore’s Dean of Students. Before joining the faculty he served as Senior Assistant Minister at Unichurch (UNSW) (2010-2016), having previously been an editor for Matthias Media (2008–2009) and Rector of Unichurch (2003–2008).

He graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) in 1993 and a Bachelor of Divinity from Moore College in 2000.

He is well-known as a trainer, mentor and pastor of students within the MTS apprenticeship and as a conference speaker. He is also the author of Right Side Up (2009), The Archer and the Arrow (co-authored with Phillip Jensen 2010), Suffering Well (2011) as well as a number of articles on pastoral issues for the general Christian public



Suffering Well: the Predictable Surprise of Christian Suffering. Kingsford, NSW: St Matthias Press, 2011.

The Archer & the Arrow: Preaching the Very Words of God. Co-author with Phillip D Jensen. Kingsford, NSW: St Matthias Press, 2010.

Right Side Up: Life as God Meant It to Be. Kingsford, NSW: St Matthias Press, 2009.

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