The Rev Dr Andrew Leslie

Rev Dr Andrew Leslie joined the faculty in July 2013, having recently graduated with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. He is also a graduate of Moore College and served in the parishes of North Sydney and Strathfield before embarking on postgraduate study. His area of research interest is historical and systematic theology with an explicit anchor in the Reformation. Andrew is married to Felicity and they have two young children, William and Tessa.



The Light of Grace: John Owen on the Authority of Scripture and Christian Faith.  Göttingen, Germany: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Academic, 2015.


Articles & Essays

“Was Broughton Knox an Amyraldian?” in The Legacy of David Broughton Knox (ed. Loane).  Latimer, 2018.

“The Reformation a century later: did the Reformation get lost two generations later?” in Celebrating the Reformation: Its Legacy and Continuing Relevance (eds. Thompson, Bale, Loane).  IVP, 2017.

“John Owen and the Immediacy of Christ’s Authority over Christian Worship”, Westminster Theological Journal 80 (2018), 25-50.


‘“The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ”: Divine authority, scripture, and the life of faith in the thought of John Owen (1616-83)’, PhD, University of Edinburgh, July 2013.

Current Research

Chapter on ‘Towards a theology of Sin.’ (Under Contract: Crossway)

Chapter on ‘Towards a theology of divine predestination.’ (Under Contract: Crossway)

Chapter on ‘Was Knox an Amyraldian?’ (Under Contract: Latimer)

New edition of works of John Owen volume (Under Contact: Crossway)

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Previous Experience
  • 2009-13 PhD studies at New College, University of Edinburgh (supervisors: Profs. Susan Hardman Moore & David Fergusson)
  • 2011-12 Tutor in Christian Theology, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh
  • 2009 Assistant Minister, St Anne’s Strathfield
  • 2006-08 Assistant Minister, St Thomas’ North Sydney
  • 2002-05 Student, Moore Theological College
  • 2000-01 Ministry Apprentice (MTS): UNSW
  • 1998-99 Corporate Tax Consultant, KPMG, Sydney
  • 2013 PhD in theology: University of Edinburgh
  • 2006 Ordained Deacon, Archbishop of Sydney
  • 2005 Bachelor of Divinity (Hons 1): MTC
  • 1997 Bachelor of Commerce: UNSW
  • Academic Interests
  • Systematic theology in the Reformed tradition
  • Reformed Orthodoxy and its connections to the wider catholic tradition
  • The doctrine of scripture
  • Soteriology
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