The Rev Dr Andrew Shead

‘I just want to teach people to read the Bible really well.’

Andrew has been on faculty at Moore College since 1992. Between teaching – which he never tires of – he spends time with his students, preaches, and writes on the Old Testament. His major research interest is the book of Jeremiah, but he also pursues interests in the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament), Psalms, Hebrew poetry and church music. He is excited about the richness of the Old Testament as a source for Christian theology.

Andrew is married to Jean and they have three teenaged children who fill their lives with excellent conversation.


Books and edited volumes

Edited volume: Stirred By a Noble Theme: The Book of Psalms in the Life of the Church. Nottingham: Apollos, 2013.

A Mouth Full of Fire: The Word of God in the Words of Jeremiah. New Studies in Biblical Theology, 29. Nottingham: Apollos, 2012.

The Open Book and the Sealed Book: Jeremiah 32 in its Greek and Hebrew Recensions. The Hebrew Bible and Its Versions, 3. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2002.

Selected articles and essays

‘Jeremiah’, in A Handbook of the Septuagint, edited by James Aitken. London: T & T Clark, forthcoming.

‘Theology in Poetry: The Challenge of Translating the Psalms’. Pages 133–157 in Stirred By a Noble Theme: The Book of Psalms in the Life of the Church, edited by A. G. Shead. Nottingham: Apollos, 2013.

(with Andrew J.Cameron): ‘Singing with the Messiah in a Foreign Land’. Pages 158–180 in Stirred By a Noble Theme: The Book of Psalms in the Life of the Church, edited by A. G. Shead. Nottingham: Apollos, 2013.

‘Is There a Musical Note in the Body? Cranmer on the Reformation of Music’. Reformed Theological Review 69 (2010): 1–16.

‘An Old Testament Theology of the Sabbath Year and Jubilee’. Reformed Theological Review 61 (2002): 19–33.

‘Sabbath’. Pages 745–50 in New Dictionary of Biblical Theology. Edited by B. S. Rosner and T. D. Alexander. Leicester: IVP, 2000.

‘The New Covenant and Pauline Hermeneutics’. Pages 33–49 in The Gospel to the Nations: Perspectives on Paul’s Mission. Essays in Honour of Peter Thomas O’Brien on His Sixty-Fifth Birthday. Edited by P. G. Bolt and M. D. Thompson. Leicseter: IVP, 2000.

Review article: ‘K. Schmid, Buchgestalten des Jeremiabuches: Untersuchungen zur Redaktions– und Rezeptionsgeschichte von Jer 30–33 im Kontext des Buches’Vetus Testamentum 49 (1999): 558–62.

‘Song of Solomon’, in The Complete Bible Handbook: An Illustrated Companion. Edited by J. Bowker. London: Dorling Kindersley, 1998.

‘Reading Ecclesiastes “Epilogically”’Tyndale Bulletin 48 (1997): 67–92.

‘Ecclesiastes from the Outside In’. Reformed Theological Review 55 (1996): 24–37.

‘Homosexuality and the Church: Historical Survey’. Pages 1–63 in Explorations 8: Theological and Pastoral Responses to Homosexuality. Edited by B. G. Webb. Adelaide: Openbook, 1994.

‘Effects of Phyllanthus plant extracts on duck hepatitis B virus in vitro and in vivo’. Antiviral Research 18 (1992): 127–38.


‘Jeremiah 32 In Its Hebrew and Greek Recensions: The Prophet, the Text, Its Translator and His Critics’. PhD Thesis accepted by the University of Cambridge, 1998.

Ecclesiastes 12:9–14: Reading the Epilogue of Ecclesiastes as an Epilogue’. MTh Thesis accepted by the Australian College of Theology, 1995.

Current Research

Commentary on the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations (for Zondervan’s Story of God series, general editor T. Longman)

Commentary on the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations (for the Asia Bible Commentary Series, general editor B. Nichols)

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Previous Experience
  • 1990-91 Stipendiary Lay Assistant at St Paul’s Wahroonga
  • 1990-91 Tutor, History and Philosophy of Medicine, University of Sydney
  • 1992-95 Sunday Assistant, St Barnabas’ Broadway
  • 1995-98 Study leave at the University of Cambridge
  • 1996-97 Choral Scholar of Queens’ College, Cambridge
  • 1999-01 Sunday Assistant, All Saints’ North Epping
  • Academic Biography
  • 1989 BTh (Hons 2A) (ACT)
  • 1990 BSc(Med) (Hons 1) (University of Sydney)
  • 1996 MTh (with Merit) (ACT)
  • 1998 PhD (Cambridge)
  • 2000 Deaconed (Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of Sydney)
  • 2002 Priested (Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of Sydney)
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