The Rev Dr Colin Bale

“Researching war graves may sound a bit strange… but it is a great way of seeing what really matters to people”

Colin lives at But-Har-Gra with his wife Gillian and children, Robert, Elizabeth and Edmund. His current research interest is ‘Responses of grief to Australian losses in World War 2’.


Articles & Essays

‘The Issue of Religious Precedence and the Commonwealth Parade in 1901’. Lucas: an Evangelical History Review, forthcoming.

‘The Churches and Federation’. Published as Annual Lecture of the Canberra/Goulbourn Anglican History Society Lecture 2001. Published in St Mark’s Review, No. 185, 2001 (2).

‘Changing Gods in Post-Modern Australia’. In Explorations 13: Sure and Certain Hope at the Edge of Time. Edited by R. J. Gibson. Carlisle: Paternoster (forthcoming).

‘Damn Precedence! An examination of ecclesiastical precedence in Australia with particular reference to the Commonwealth of Australia and New South Wales in the period 1901-1945′ (M. Litt Treatise, 2002).

A crowd of witnesses: Australian war graves inscriptions on the Western Front of the Great War. (PhD Thesis accepted by University of Sydney, 2006).

‘In God We Trust: The Impact of the Great War on Religious Belief in Australia’ in Donald Robinson: Selected Works – Appreciation (eds Peter G. Bolt & Mark D. Thompson) (Camperdown, NSW: Australian Church Record/Moore College, 2008)


Current Research

Chapter on ‘Calvinism in Australia 1788–2009’ in monograph on theology of John Calvin by Mark Thompson (Ed).

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Previous Experience
  • 1969-72 Commercial Trainee, QANTAS Airways Ltd
  • 1976-86 Secondary Teacher, Kingsgrove High School
  • 1987-88 English/History Head Teacher, Robert Townson High School
  • 1989-92 English Head Teacher, Broughton Anglican College
  • 1993-95 Student, Moore College
  • 1996-98 Assistant Minister, Bowral Anglican Church
  • 2002-03 Curate-in-Charge, St John’s Park Anglican Church
  • 2006- Honorary Assistant, Croydon Anglican Church
  • Academic Biography
  • 1975 Bachelor of Arts (UNSW)
  • 1976 Dip Ed (Sydney Teachers’ College)
  • 1994 Bachelor of Theology (Hons 1) (ACT)
  • 1994 Diploma of Ministry (MTC)
  • 1996 Deaconed (Anglican Church of Australia, Sydney Diocese) Priested (Anglican Church of Australia, Sydney Diocese)
  • 2002 M.Litt. (with Merit) (University of Sydney)
  • 2006 PhD (University of Sydney)
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