The Rev Dr Colin Bale

“Researching war graves may sound a bit strange… but it is a great way of seeing what really matters to people”

Colin lives at But-Har-Gra with his wife Gillian and children, Robert, Elizabeth and Edmund. His current research interest is ‘Responses of grief to Australian losses in World War 2’.



Edited with Mark D. Thompson and Edward Loane. Celebrating the Reformation: its Legacy and Continuing Relevance. London: Apollos, 2017.

A Crowd of Witnesses – Epitaphs on First World War Australian War Graves. Haberfield, NSW: Longueville Media, 2015.


Articles & Essays

‘The Reformation in Australia.’ Pages 383–399 in Celebrating the Reformation: its Legacy and Continuing Relevance. Edited by Mark D. Thompson, Colin Bale and Edward Loane.  London: Apollos, 2017.

‘The Use of the Bible in Remembrance’. Pages 117–125 in Their Sacrifice: The Brave and Their Bibles. Minto, NSW: Bible Society Australia, 2015.

‘Grief, religion and national identity’, St Mark’s Review, 231 (April 2015): 86-97.

‘Calvinism in Australia 178 –2009: a Historical Assessment’. Pages 274–297 in Engaging with Calvin: Aspects of the Reformer’s Legacy for Today.  Edited by Mark D. Thompson. Nottingham: Apollos, 2009.

‘In God We Trust: The Impact of the Great War on Religious Belief in Australia’ in Donald Robinson: Selected Works – Appreciation. Edited by Peter G. Bolt & Mark D. Thompson. Camperdown, NSW: Australian Church Record, 2008.

‘Damn Precedence! An examination of ecclesiastical precedence in Australia with reference to the Commonwealth of Australia and New South Wales in the period 1901-1945 (M. Litt Treatise, 2002).

‘Changing Gods in Post-Modern Australia’. In Sure and Certain Hope at the Edge of Time. Edited by Richard J. Gibson. Explorations, 13. Carlisle: Paternoster, 2002.

‘The Churches and Federation’. St Mark’s Review. 185 (2001). (First published as Annual Lecture of the Canberra/Goulbourn Anglican History Society Lecture 2001).

‘The Issue of Religious Precedence and the Commonwealth Parade in 1901’. Lucas: an Evangelical History Review 30 (2001)

Current Research

Australian War Graves Inscriptions – World War 2

The Protestant Irish in Australia

Responses of Grief to Australian Losses in World War 2

Calvinism in Australia 1788 – 2009

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Previous Experience
  • 1969-72 Commercial Trainee, QANTAS Airways Ltd
  • 1976-86 Secondary Teacher, Kingsgrove High School
  • 1987-88 English/History Head Teacher, Robert Townson High School
  • 1989-92 English Head Teacher, Broughton Anglican College
  • 1993-95 Student, Moore College
  • 1996-98 Assistant Minister, Bowral Anglican Church
  • 2002-03 Curate-in-Charge, St John’s Park Anglican Church
  • 2006- Honorary Assistant, Croydon Anglican Church
  • Academic Biography
  • 1975 Bachelor of Arts (UNSW)
  • 1976 Dip Ed (Sydney Teachers’ College)
  • 1994 Bachelor of Theology (Hons 1) (ACT)
  • 1994 Diploma of Ministry (MTC)
  • 1996 Deaconed (Anglican Church of Australia, Sydney Diocese) Priested (Anglican Church of Australia, Sydney Diocese)
  • 2002 M.Litt. (with Merit) (University of Sydney)
  • 2006 PhD (University of Sydney)
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